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EA FC 24: The best right-backs in April – right-back talents with a lot of potential for their careers

 In this article, we will introduce you to the best talents in the RB and RAV positions in  EA FC 24 , with whom you will have a lot of fun in career mode. Due to their young age and low price, the full-backs offer enormous potential for improvement and can be an ideal addition to your team.

Update, April 10: The article has been updated with new talents from the current Manager Mode database.

This is what talent brings to EA FC 24 career mode:  Promising talent is essential for the success of a managerial career. That's why we show you up-and-coming players who are equipped with plenty of potential and who, through training and strong performances, will keep getting better and, ideally, can even mature into top stars.

RVs and RAVs play an important role within the team structure, as they are expected to make an impact both offensively and defensively. They have to be particularly fast in order to be able to take on fast wingers, but also to initiate attacks themselves - be it through counterattacks on the wings or through pinpoint crosses into the opponent's penalty area.

To do this, it is important that their ball skills are at a high level and that they are strong dribblers. But right-backs who meet all of these requirements are correspondingly expensive.

That's why we're introducing you to talented RV and RAV players who have great potential.

If you choose the right players, they can become absolute top performers in the  EA FC 24 career mode. However, be sure to note the following points:

  • Potential is dynamic. How well a player develops with you depends on training and performance on the pitch.
  • You can retrain players, which means they can play in new positions. For example, full-backs can become wingers if you think they are better suited to that position.
  • Market value and transfer fee can vary, so try to negotiate cleverly to convince your counterpart to accept a cheaper transfer.

Best right-back talents with the greatest potential in the career of EA FC 24

The selection criteria:  In the list below you will find young right-backs with the greatest potential. They are a maximum of 23 years old and therefore still have plenty of time to develop. However, the players also include established top stars such as Reece James and Jeremie Frimpong, who have correspondingly high market values.

We'll show you real bargains further down in the article.

These are the best talents for the right wing, ordered by potential:

Best right-back talents with the greatest potential in the career of EA FC 24

Cheap right-back talents in EA FC 24 with a lot of potential

The selection criteria:  The 10 players listed here are cheaper than 10 million and therefore not too expensive. They are again sorted according to their potential.

Cheap right-back talents, sorted by potential:

Cheap right-back talents in EA FC 24 with a lot of potential

What do you think of the talents? Which ones will you get for your team? Tell us in the comments!