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Giant sandworms in No Man's Sky: How to find them?

 We tell you how to find the giant sandworms in No Man's Sky and answer any questions related to these majestic creatures from the Origins update.

Sandworms are finally a reality in No Man's Sky thanks to the Origins update, which has included these huge, gigantic creatures in the game. If you also want to marvel at a sandworm in your game, here we tell you how to find them and clear up any doubts you may have about them.

How to find sandworms in No Man's Sky

How to find sandworms in No Man's Sky

Sandworms in No Man's Sky may appear in the game starting with the update titled Origins, dated September 23, 2020, published by Hello Games. This is version 3.0 of the game, so make sure to download and update this patch for free first.

Once you update the game, you will be able to find Sandworms randomly on any planet you visit (at least as far as we know at the time of writing). Apparently, there is no special condition or requirement for a sandworm to appear on a planet. Simply travel to one and explore it for a few minutes. At any moment one of these worms could appear.

Use portals to find sandworms

It is known that portals can be used to travel to planets where players have previously encountered sandworms. Feel free to take a look at our section on portals and glyphs to find out how they work and then visit forums or social networks to see the portals shared by the community where worms have been found.

How do sandworms work? Characteristics

Obviously, as their name suggests, sandworms come out of the dry land of planets. When one of these worms appears near you, you will know perfectly well because a roar will sound and the entire ground you are on will shake (along with the camera, which will vibrate). Immediately after that the sandworm will appear coming out of the ground.

  • As a general rule, the worms leave the soil and return to it after a while.
  • These worms are capable of flight, so don't be surprised if they fly over land throughout the planet.
  • Sandworms can't hurt you, even if they touch you.
  • His body and movements do not damage structures such as buildings, your bases, and so on.
  • Although they leave the earth and return to it, they do not create any type of tunnel or excavation.
  • You cannot harm the sandworms in any way, neither with the multi-tool nor by shooting at them from your ship (you cannot hit their bodies either).
  • No matter or resources can be harvested from the body of sandworms.

As you can see, the sandworms, at least at the beginning of the Origins update, are more of a visual addition since they do not influence or disrupt the gameplay of the title too much. Of course, they are spectacular, and seeing one for yourself is sure to leave you breathless.

Procedurally generated worms

One last note that is known about sandworms is that they are generated procedurally depending on the planet and system you are on. So each sandworm you encounter will be totally different from the last.