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Glyphs and Portals in No Man's Sky: How to find and use them?

 Discover with our guide how to find all the No Man's Sky glyphs and how you can use them in the different portals hidden in the galaxies.

Glyphs and portals are one of the most interesting ways to explore the vast universe presented to us in No Man's Sky. These structures are spread across different corners of the galaxy and can be activated with the respective glyphs to make immediate long-distance journeys between worlds. Below we show you in this entry how to find and get all the glyphs in the game, where to find portals, and how to use them.

How to get all the glyphs

Glyphs are a series of symbols that are used to activate the direction of a portal. There are a total of 16 different glyphs on a portal wheel, although to open a journey you only need to enter a sequence of 12 glyphs (therefore it is not necessary to have them all to use portals).

Glyphs are obtained from traveler tombs spread across different planets at random (normally within a system there are between 1 to 2 tombs). There are several methods to locate these tombs and unlock all the glyphs in the game, they are as follows:

Atlas Mission "Alone Among the Stars"

  • The main way to unlock all the glyphs is through the course of this main Atlas quest that will lead you to find the glyphs. Simply complete it to obtain them.

Locate and talk to Travelers

  • Travelers can reveal the locations of traveler graves if you talk to them.
  • You can find travelers: randomly on space stations (they are easily recognized by their distinct appearance, with a pyramid-shaped head).
  • Talk to the traveler: and give him 100 nanites with the "Ask where they come from" dialogue option.
  • This will give you the location of a Traveler's Tomb: travel to it and interact with it to extract a new glyph.
  • Search for more travelers: in other systems and repeat the process to find more glyphs.

How to find the portals

How to find the portals

Portals are points of interest that can be found on all the planets and moons of a star system and are a way to travel between worlds quickly, always within the same galaxy. The most common and easiest way to find portals is by using monoliths.

The monoliths, which are alien structures, can bring us different rewards, including the location of a portal located, generally, on the same planet. There are several ways to find monoliths, take note:

Using an exoship scanner

If you have the Exocraft Signal Enhancer tau upgrade technology on your Exocraft (which can be obtained from the Exocraft Terminal quests ), you can use it to reveal the location of a nearby monolith on the planet you are on. .

Simply when you get on your exoship, ask the scanner to search for "Alien Structures" and it will reveal the location of a monolith.

Buy navigation charts from the cartographer

Another alternative way to find monoliths is to purchase planetary navigation charts from space station cartographers. These should specifically be the cards that reveal "alien cartographic data" , as this will give you a chance of getting the location of a monolith.

These charts can be acquired by exchanging navigation data that is easily obtained by examining objects on space stations or activating beacons on planets, for example.