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Guide to the Maslenitsa event (Winter Tales) in Escape from Tarkov: where to find it and how to light fires


Guide to the Maslenitsa event (Winter Tales) in Escape from Tarkov: where to find it and how to light fires

Recently, a themed event “Maslenitsa” started in Escape from Tarkov, in which everyone can take part, regardless of level. In this guide, we will tell you where to find stuffed Madder, how to light fires, and complete all the temporary quests of Prapor.

A few weeks ago, the snow melted in the Escape from Tarkov locations, but suddenly winter returned again - and all thanks to a new event. Below we will tell you everything that is known about the thematic event in this game.

How to take part in the event

To do this, players must first visit Prapor and activate several mandatory quests.


  • Description: Come in, servant. Did you see what was going on outside the window? Ha ha ha! Looks like winter is back. But that’s okay, there are rumors that some schizos have appeared who revere Marena. They say that winter has returned because of them. They apparently found something in the Nurse's caches, got stoned, and now they're imagining all sorts of things. Someone here told you before that they were building the Kalinov Bridge and putting up scarecrows. I don't know any more details. Run around, look around, tell me what's going on?
  • Task: Find a scarecrow of Madder at any location / Kill Madder’s henchman.

The player needs to find Madder's minions on any map, kill one of them and come close to the fire to complete the task.

Spring never changes

  • Description: So, look, a fighter. The fire pits of Madder's minions need to be burned. Every single one of them. I'm not a religious person, but I sense something is wrong here. It’s not for nothing that this whole movement started. And we don’t need any extra instability in the region. Go ahead and sing.
  • Task: Light a fire at any location (0 / 1,000,000).

Please note that individual players do not need to light the fire a million times. A counter has been launched on the official website of the game , which summarizes the fires of all players. Most likely, upon reaching a million lit bonfires, the event will end.

Grandma's stories

  • Description: Looks like things are worse than I thought. I don’t think it’s scary, but it does give me a chill. You know, if you served, then you are no longer afraid of anyone except the living. But I remember in my early childhood my grandmother loved to scare me. Once he starts his stories about all kinds of evil spirits, that’s it, you can’t stop him! She was born before the revolution, she’s seen everything, maybe that’s why. I was about five years old, I was sitting playing, she came in, locked all the doors, curtained the windows and said: “This striga has come again.” I ask what kind of striga this is. And she told five-year-old me about some monster at night, how scary he is and how he drinks blood. Why, why?
  • Task: Kill Madder's minions (0 / 50).

Where to find stuffed Madder. Location of fires on maps

Madder's Effigy can be found on the following maps:

  • Interchange;
  • Customs;
  • Forest;
  • Shore;
  • Streets of Tarkov;
  • Epicenter;
  • Lighthouse.
The locations of Madder's minions in this guide are collected from my own experience. We did not mark places where fires had not yet been found. If you want to add to the guide, write about it in the comments.

Being near a lit fire gives the following positive effects:

  • +3 levels to the “Endurance” skill;
  • +3 levels to the “Strength” skill;
  • +3 levels to the “Vitality” skill;
  • +3 levels to the “Immunity” skill;
  • +300% stamina recovery rate.
If you manage to light three fires at once, birds will sing within a minute, and a non-aggressive Sighted boss will appear. He will distribute items, but you should not attack him, because he will become defensive. It is almost impossible to kill this enemy!


At Customs we encountered fires most often, in five places:

  • On the platform in front of the boiler room;
  • Between the sarcophagus and the old gas station;
  • Next to the library;
  • Next to the hostel;
  • At the customs terminal.


Here we also found several places where event bots appear near bonfires:

  • In a village near the swamps;
  • On the territory of the sanatorium;
  • At the smugglers' base;
  • On the territory of a hydroelectric power station.


Since most of the map is occupied by a huge shopping center, you can meet minions here on the street in several places:

  • Exit at the checkpoint of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • On the highway in front of the entrance to the shopping center;
  • In the parking lot in front of the shopping center;
  • On the road between the railway exit and the thermal power plant.

Streets of Tarkov

At the moment, we have only encountered bonfires in two places in this location, however, there may probably be more spawn places:

  • In the area in front and behind the Pinewood Hotel;
  • Not far from the Beluga restaurant.
Streets of Tarkov


Over the many raids we carried out, we personally managed to meet henchmen only once - not far from the temporary camp of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If you have met them at other points of interest, write about it in the comments.



Epicenter is a new map for beginners, which you won’t be able to get to after reaching level 20. During our search, we came across fires only in front of the TerraGroup building and next to the “Prospekt Mira” exit.


How to light fires

Lighting a fire is quite simple. To do this, you will need tracer ammunition of any caliber. With a few shots you will set the fire on fire for about 15 seconds. To prolong the burning, you will have to shoot again.

Note that as soon as you try to light fires, nearby minions will begin to attack you, regardless of whether you are playing as a PMC or as a Scav.

All about Marena's minions

New bots appear next to bonfires and do not attack players passing by, be they PMCs or Scavs. However, if you try to light a fire or attack one of them, they will return fire.

Being in close proximity to such a bot, the player receives a new effect - “Cold of Mary”. At the same time, body temperature decreases, and some players report that PMC weapons can switch from automatic to single-fire mode.

All about Marena's minions

All about Marena's minions

The minions have good weapons, but they won’t be able to shoot with them, since they are broken and will jam after each subsequent shot. These fighters are also not equipped to the highest standards and most often use the cheapest ammunition. In the pockets of some, you can find grenades and other valuables, as well as remove expensive modules from weapons.

They can be armed with the following guns:

  • Special automatic machine AS VAL 9x39;
  • Special sniper rifle VSS Vintorez 9x39;
  • Small-sized assault rifle KBP 9A-91 caliber 9x39;
  • Rifle KBP VSK-94 9x39;
  • Sniper rifle SVDS 7.62x54R;
  • Tokarev rifle SVT-40 7.62x54R;
  • Tokarev assault rifle AVT-40 7.62x54R;
  • Carbine Molot Arms VPO-101 “Vepr-Hunter” 7.62x51;
  • Carbine TOZ Simonov SKS 7.62x39;
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle AKM 7.62x39;
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle AKMS 7.62x39;
  • Molot Arms VPO-209 carbine, caliber .366 TKM;
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-74N 5.45x39;
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle AKS-74U caliber 5.45x39;
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle AKS-74UB 5.45x39;
  • Submachine gun SR-2M "Veresk" 9x21;
  • Submachine gun PP-19-01 “Vityaz” 9x19;
  • PPSh-41 submachine gun, 7.62x25 caliber;
  • Pump-action shotgun TOZ KS-23M 23x75mm;
  • Lebedev pistol PL-15 9x19;
  • Pistol TT-33 7.62x25 TT;
  • Pistol Serdyukov SR-1MP Gyurza 9x21;
  • PB 9x18PM pistol with silencer;
  • F-1 hand grenade;
  • RGD-5 hand grenade;
  • M67 hand grenade.
At first, there may be few bots guarding the fires - just a few pieces. But after eliminating one, others will begin to appear. In just one run you will have to deal with about two dozen enemies.

All about Marena's minions

The health of bonfire guards is approximately twice that of an ordinary PMC. Also, note that they can also be killed by “humans” - the player controlling the Wild. In this case, the reputation of the Buyer merchant will not be taken away, as if you killed regular bots or bosses.

Boss spawns during the event

During the event, all standard enemies appear on the maps in the same way as usual. For example, in one raid at the Customs House, you can meet Scavs, Reshala, The Goons, and Madder's minions.