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New game + in No Man's Sky: How to activate it, what you keep and how it works

 The end of one journey is nothing more than the beginning of another. We tell you what you need to know about New Game + before you finish your first adventure in No Man's Sky and what things change.

New game + in No Man's Sky: How to activate it, what you keep and how it works

No Man's Sky has tons of things we can do, but there is always a clear main objective that makes up the main story. Our journey's final destination is to reach the center of the galaxy you are in, and once this is done, your game will end.

But... is there a New Game + mode in this game? The answer is yes. Next, in this entry of our guide, we explain all the details about it, how to activate it, and more...

How to activate a New game +?

Depending on the detours you make during your game of No Man's Sky, what you want to do, or your personal priority objective (after all, everyone plays as they want) it may take more or less time to reach the center of the galaxy, but once you do, it's all over.

If you don't want to finish early, pay attention to the intergalactic map to know when you are going to arrive. Taking into account that to go from system to system you have to access each one, it is difficult not to know when you are close to the end...

In any case, upon reaching the center of the universe you will encounter a kind of immense black hole, and after a hyperspace sequence... You will return to the "beginning" of the game, so to speak.

From here, you will automatically start a New Game +.

What is discussed and what is not?

In case you have any doubts, below we review the conditions of a New game + in No Man's Sky and what things are preserved and what are not from your first game:

  • When you start NG+ you are on a different planet, in a different galaxy than your first game.
  • Your ship, just like the first time, is crashed and you have to repair it.
  • You keep all the progress in terms of discovered fauna, discovered planets, progress in Achievements or Trophies...
  • You keep your ships, multi-tool, suit, objects... everything that is not your property remains yours.

The general summary is that in NG+ you have everything you had when you finished the game for the first time, but you start in another galaxy.

This implies that, obviously, before going to the center of the galaxy in your first game you should complete missions or pending projects, because once you finish the adventure and NG+ begins there will be many things that "reset", and you will start from a new place to repeat the cycle again.

For the rest, leaving aside these advances that you preserve and that we have listed, the concept is the same. The difficulty of NG+ neither goes up nor goes down, you are simply "in another place" and your objective is once again to reach the center of the galaxy... or do whatever you want. You choose.