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No Man's Sky: ALL Creature Baits and Ingredients Recipes

 We teach you how to tame all the creatures in No Man's Sky, see here the complete list of baits and ingredients you will need to prepare their recipes in a Nutrient Processor.

Cooking is an option available within the gigantic universe of possibilities that No Man's Sky offers. Perhaps on your travels you have encountered creatures of all kinds and wanted to tame them, something that is totally possible thanks to baits. Within the crafting system of the game there are a lot of baits and ingredients that you can prepare, in this entry of our complete guide we tell you everything about it, what the bait recipes are, and how to prepare them.

Note: After the Companions update we can now tame wild animals simply with "Creature Feed", without needing to create specific baits for each type of species.

How to cook baits?

Before showing you what kind of baits there are, a basic note must be made. In order to cook the baits and prepare them, you will need a Nutrient Processor. This is a basic, portable building product, similar to the Portable Refiner, except you won't need to supply additional fuel or power to run it.

Up to 3 ingredients or kitchen products can be entered into a nutrient processor since it has that number of input slots. All operations performed on it take only 5 seconds to complete and have a 1:1 ratio.

How to get the Nutrient Processor?

How to get the Nutrient Processor?

  • To get the Nutrient Processor go to the Space Anomaly and go to the Construction Research Station terminal in the Nexus. There you can purchase the nutrient processor blueprint in exchange for 10 recovered data.

How to tame creatures?

We are going to explain how creatures are tamed in No Man's Sky. There are two ways to do this, on the one hand, the simplest of all only serves to make the creature happy and make it defecate (this is achieved by throwing a simple bait near them called "Creature feed". It works to all). However, if what we want is to truly tame a creature, then we will need to give it its own advanced bait.

To discover which is the advanced bait for each type of creature, you must follow these steps:

  • When you see a creature: Open your scanner and focus on the creature.
  • Analyze the creature: to discover its details in more depth.
  • Now consult your advanced bait: it appears written in the bait section, with yellow letters.
Once you know which advanced bait you need to give the creature, take out your nutrient processor and cook the specific recipe for the product. When you have it you can give it to him from the quick menus of Utilities -> Creature Bait. Thanks to taming you will be able to ride the creature or obtain other special cooking ingredients.

Where to find bait ingredients

The ingredients used in baits can be obtained from different sources depending on the type of product in question. In general terms, you must take the following into account:

  • Harvestable wild flora: they are part of the planets, you can search for them with the scanner and they are represented with the symbol of an ear of wheat.
  • Cultivable plants: they can be grown in our bases thanks to agriculture or found on planets naturally.
  • Meat products: obtained directly by killing wild animals and creatures.
  • Harvestable Animal Products: You will need to tame the creatures to obtain them.

All bait recipes and ingredients

There are dozens of basic ingredients that can be used in preparing bait and food for the creatures in No Man's Sky, some of them are included in the raw materials section. Mainly, Fecesium or Mordita is always used combined with another ingredient. In short, to simplify it, just know that there are 3 different groups of baits. Below we show you all the types of baits and the recipes for each of them so you can cook them.

Simple bait for all creatures

There is a simple type of bait that works for absolutely all creatures in the game. We have already mentioned it before, it is about the following.

Simple bait for all creatures

Advanced Baits for Herbivorous Creatures

Herbivorous creatures have 4 types of advanced baits to tame them, each of them is prepared by processing Fecesium with other possible ingredients. Here we show you the recipes.

Advanced Baits for Herbivorous Creatures

Advanced baits for carnivorous creatures

Carnivorous creatures have 4 types of advanced baits to tame them, each of them is prepared by processing Mordita with other possible ingredients. Here we show you the recipes.

Advanced baits for carnivorous creatures