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No Man's Sky: ALL Multi-Tool Upgrades and How to Get Them

 These are all the technological improvements that we can apply to the multitool in No Man's Sky. Guarantee your survival by improving your character's main weapon.

The multitool is one of the main survival elements that we have from the first moment in No Man's Sky to travel the universe and that is essential to explore planets or combat. In this entry of our guide, we are going to show you what are all the technology improvements that exist for the multitool and we will also tell you how you can get them, as well as how to obtain improvement modules that will allow you to greatly increase your chances of surviving in the environments. most dangerous in the galaxy.

All multi-tool technology improvements

In No Man's Sky, you can get new multi-tool tech upgrades by visiting the Space Anomaly whenever you want and heading to trade with the Iteration: Eos character.

All multi-tool technology improvements

Eos has a whole series of upgrade plans for sale for the multi-tool that he sells in exchange for nanites. Some of these upgrades are already installed by default on your multi-tool, such as the Extraction Beam, but the vast majority have to be purchased. As you can see in this trade menu, there are also locked improvements that require you to previously purchase previous ones to have access to them.

Therefore, now you know that to improve your multi-tool and install new advanced technologies you must purchase the plans for these improvements from Eos. After unlocking the respective blueprint for each upgrade, you will be able to craft it in a free space on your multi-tool if you have the necessary resources or raw materials.

Below we show you the characteristics of all the technology improvements for the multitool in No Man's Sky, there are a total of 26 available:

  • Extraction Beam: Multi-tool extraction beam powered by carbon-based elements. Installs focusing optics on the multi-tool, allowing it to emit a high-energy beam. The beam is calibrated to stimulate molecules within common organic or geological objects, making it work as a highly effective extraction device. Destruction of flora, fauna, or minerals may attract the attention of sentinels.
  • Lightning Launcher: Generalist weapon accessory for the multi-tool. The lightning launcher reconfigures the multi-tool to overload metal elements, firing them as high-velocity projectiles capable of causing extreme damage.
    • Cannon Ionizer: Inserts a powerful field ionizing device into the barrel of the beam launcher, increasing the stability of the projectiles in the air. It increases the accuracy of the device and allows the user to shoot for longer periods without compromising combat performance.
    • Lightning Launcher Rebound Module: Creates an antimatter field around lightning launcher shots, causing them to be repelled by undamaged surfaces. Activates ricochet, causing projectiles to ricochet if they hit a target they deal no damage to.
    • Plasma Launcher: High-impact projectile weapon. It launches plasma projectiles that bounce off surfaces until its internal timer triggers a large explosion. Charged with unstable plasma. Misuse may cause harm to the user.
    • Geological cannon: large-caliber projectile launcher. Fires plasma projectiles designed for rapid excavation of terrain. Charged with unstable plasma. Creating holes through explosions can damage nearby organic matter.
    • Paralysis Mortar: Non-violent projectile weapon. Launched projectiles will incapacitate nearby targets with a burst of electrical energy. Effective against biological and electronic entities. Charged with unstable plasma.
    • Fiery Javelin: Aggressive weapon attachment for the multi-tool. The fiery javelin deals instant damage to the target. The plasma charging process creates an arc of ionized gas that propels projectiles at high speeds. The user will perceive devastating results when pulling the trigger.
    • Wave Oscillator: Supercharges the energy beam generated by the fiery javelin, causing it to emit an electrical charge of energy at the point of impact. Lightly stuns any organic and inorganic entities that come across the fiery javelin's beam.
    • Mass Accelerator: Expands the Fiery Javelin's firing chamber, allowing the internal particle accelerators to achieve greater mass and speed. Significantly increases weapon damage.
    • Scatter Cannon: Specialized weapon accessory for close combat for the multi-tool. The scatter cannon reconfigures the multi-tool to heat and split metal elements, firing at them with a wide range of destruction. Range is limited, but shrapnel is highly effective at close range.
    • Projectile Oiler: Advanced self-lubricating components reduce friction inside the spreader barrel, significantly improving reload times.
    • Pulse Launcher: Specialized rapid-fire weapon accessory for the Multi-Tool. The pulse launcher redirects the optics of the multi-tool to ionize inserted metal elements. These projectiles have a high rate of fire, bombarding potential targets with a high-energy plasma wave.
    • Amplified Cartridges: Specialized harmonic resonators allow the pulse launcher to split inserted ammunition, allowing more shots to be fired from less materials. Increases the size of the weapon's magazine.
    • Pulse Launcher Module: Creates an antimatter field around Pulse Launcher shots, causing them to be repelled by undamaged surfaces. Activates ricochet, causing projectiles to ricochet if they hit a target they deal no damage to.
    • Impact Ignition: A powerful combat upgrade for the pulse caster. This module installs a series of finely calibrated fuel injection nozzles within the firing chamber that are used to initiate controlled combustion within your plasma projectiles. Causes targets hit by the pulse caster to burn for a short period of time, dealing additional damage.
    • Neutron Cannon: A high-energy weapon accessory for the multi-tool. The neutron gun energizes atmospheric particles before propelling them toward hostile targets, causing significant area damage. Although the cannon can fire instantaneous single shots, charging for a longer time will result in a significant increase in the velocity and volume of particles released.
    • P-Field Compressor: A powerful upgrade to the neutron gun. Additional resonance compressors allow significantly more energy to be routed through the central core of the barrel, dramatically increasing operating power. The facility will allow a fully charged neutron cannon to launch additional projectiles at higher velocities.
  • Personal Force Field: When activated, this module draws energy from the exosuit's life support systems to overload the multi-tool, distorting the electromagnetic field around the user and creating a powerful personal shield. The user is advised that because this field provides considerable protection from incoming laser fire, the multi-tool cannot be used for other functions while supplying power to the shield.
    • Combat Sight: A weapon sight with recoil stabilizer for precision in combat.
    • Cloaking Device: When activated, this module draws power from the exo suit's life support system to manipulate the gravitational field around the user, refracting light and creating an active cloaking effect. This temporary effect can be used to escape unwanted enemy attention. Active camouflage will be disabled during dramatic exosuit maneuvers, such as activating the jetpack or activating the multi-tool's weapon systems.
    • Voltaic Amplifier: A widespread upgrade to all of the Multi-Tool's weapon systems, causing its projectiles to resonate dramatically upon impact with any appropriate electromagnetic field. Will significantly increase the damage dealt to any organic and inorganic entities that are stunned.
  • Advanced Extraction Laser: Replaces standard extraction laser optics with high-density live glass, allowing the laser to be effective against large or rare resource deposits. The lens automatically adapts to small fluctuations in the laser wave, thereby minimizing scattering and increasing the extraction potential of the device.
    • Optical drill: very fine sets of lenses are arranged in a perfectly calibrated matrix, allowing the extraction laser to be focused at the atomic level. This additional precision allows for more efficient extraction. Items are mined more efficiently, increasing the number of targets collected with the multi-tool.
  • Wave Recycler: A powerful side processor inserted into the multi-tool's scanning system allows the device to recharge at a significantly improved cadence. Increases potential scanning frequency.
    • Inspection Device: A separate circuitry upgrade to the analysis viewer that adds real-time terrain analysis functionality to the scan array.

How to get multitool upgrade modules

In addition to upgrade technologies for the multi-tool, in No Man's Sky we can also get multi-tool upgrade modules. These modules function as passive bonuses that increase statistics of certain upgrades. For example, if you get a module for the Scatter Cannon upgrade, you will increase the benefits of this type of upgrade. The statistics increase more or less depending on the type of module you install (these can be from class C to class S ).

The method to obtain multi-tool upgrade modules is as follows:

  • Visit the space stations of the systems you travel through.
  • At each station you will find a Multi-Tool Research Technology Trader booth.
  • You can buy upgrade modules from this character in exchange for nanites.
  • Each merchant offers random upgrade modules of all types for sale, so be sure to talk to the ones you find.
  • In 3-star economy systems merchants are more likely to have the best S-class modules for sale.

Remember, by the way, that if you find modules for sale that interest you and you want several of the same type, you can "reset" the catalog of modules that these merchants have for sale easily with a little trick. On space stations, after purchasing modules, simply hop on and off your ship to create a reset point save; Once this is done, load your game again with this point and the merchants will once again have more modules for sale than the ones you have already purchased.

How to improve the multitool class and its spaces?

Your multi-tool can be upgraded as we have already seen by purchasing technology upgrades and upgrade modules, but you can also use the Multi-Tool Upgrade Stations on space stations to add more technology slots or improve the class of your multi-tool in return. of nanites.

Don't forget that you have this system at your disposal to improve your multitool. If you prefer, you can also search for the new multi-tool stations that are for sale in stalls, to directly purchase the ones that you like the most and that are better than the one you are already using.

In short, if you want to improve your multitool in No Man's Sky, don't forget to buy and install all the technology upgrades and also acquire the best modules to maximize your character.