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No Man's Sky: ALL the ship upgrades and how to get them

 These are all the technological improvements that we can apply to the spaceship in No Man's Sky. Guarantee your survival by upgrading your main star vehicle.

The spaceship is one of the main survival elements that we have from the first moment in No Man's Sky to travel the universe and it is essential to explore planets, fight, or travel to the center of the galaxy. In this entry of our guide, we are going to show you what are all the technology improvements that exist for the ship and we will also tell you how you can get them, as well as how to obtain improvement modules that will allow you to greatly increase your chances of surviving and traveling comfortably. through the cosmos.

All ship technology upgrades

In No Man's Sky, you can get new ship technology upgrades by visiting the Space Anomaly whenever you want and going to trade with the character Iteration: Hyperion.

All ship technology upgrades

Hyperión has for sale a whole series of improvement plans for the ship that he sells in exchange for nanites. Some of these upgrades are already installed by default on your ship, such as the Extraction Beam, but the vast majority have to be purchased. As you can see in this trade menu, there are also locked improvements that require you to previously purchase previous ones to have access to them.

Therefore, now you know that to improve your ship and install new advanced technologies you must purchase the plans for these improvements from Hyperion. After unlocking the respective blueprint for each upgrade, you can craft it in a free space on your ship if you have the necessary resources or raw materials.

Below we show you the characteristics of all the technology improvements for the ship in No Man's Sky, there are a total of 30 available:

  • Pulse Engine: Can be ordered for spaceflight propulsion, boosting and pulse jumps through the local system. The user is advised that tritium is required to charge the pulse motor. Tritium is abundant in nearby asteroid fields.
  • Instability Engine – A highly advanced upgrade to the Pulse Engine that dramatically increases fuel efficiency. Tritium stocks are redirected into a cycle of miniature black holes. The resulting microgravity fluctuations are controlled to increase the spacecraft's propulsion beyond any conventional combustion-based method.
    • Flight Assist Override: This gray market electronic module activates critical safety and pilot assistance modules that are typically integrated into the craft's fly-by-wire control system. Despite its dubious legality and its involvement in a series of high-speed asteroid impacts, this module remains popular among smugglers, mercenaries and others who consider themselves advanced pilots. Specifically tuned to increase the ship's drift capability during space flight.
    • Sublight Amplifier: A highly advanced upgrade to the Pulse Drive that dramatically increases interplanetary speed. The displacement effects that occur naturally within the pulse engine are amplified with tritium-based resonators, increasing its maximum light speed.
  • Teleportation Receiver: A device that modulates the ship's standard communication signals to activate the teleportation of matter as well as data. Ships equipped with this device can send and receive products and substances from or to the user's exosuit over long distances.
    • Conflict Scanner: An upgrade to the ship's galactic-scale sensors. This device allows the user to access conflict data on the galactic map without putting themselves at risk.
    • Economy Scanner: An upgrade to the ship's galactic-scale sensors. This device allows the user to access detailed economics data for a system without needing to visit it.
    • Cargo Scanner Deflector: A specially calibrated resonance jammer, designed to interfere with remote monitoring of cargo scans deployed by system authorities to search for contraband items. Interference is not 100% effective.
  • Hyperturbo: superluminal propulsion that allows the ship to reach warp speeds between neighboring systems. The user is advised to access the hyperturbo systems through the galactic map.
    • Emergency Jump Unit: A significant upgrade to the hyper turbo that allows for instant jump, even when conventional systems are jammed by ship combat. Access to the emergency jump system is achieved through the quick menu. Encrypting systems quickly means that the user cannot designate a destination. Events not calculated at the speed of light will cause damage to the unit and will require frequent repairs.
    • Cadmium Motor: Upgrades the surrounding magnets of the hyperturbo core to prevent rapid disassembly when trying to reach rare red stellar bodies.
    • Emerile Engine: Updates the integrity of the hyperturbo shield to prevent temporary anomalies when attempting to reach rare green stellar bodies.
    • Indium Engine: Updates the hyperturbo computational array to avoid temporal anomalies when attempting to reach rare blue stellar bodies.
  • Launch booster: landing and takeoff gear essential. The user is advised that specialized dihydrogen-derived fuel is required to recharge the propellant. Launch procedures require a minimum fuel level before activation.
    • Efficient thrusters: improves the ship's launch systems, reducing the fuel cost of takeoff.
    • Automatic Launch Charger – Photovoltaic panels attached to the ship's launch thrusters allow for slow recharging while the ship is not operational. The light collected is used to melt dihydrogen from the atmosphere and eventually refuel the launch thrusters automatically.
  • Deflector Shield: An energy shield that protects the ship from laser fire, in-flight projectiles, and accidental interaction with space debris. The user is advised that catalytic elements are required to recharge the device. Works automatically once mounted in the user's ship inventory.
    • Ablative Armor: Adds a layer of superheated shields to the ship's defense system, vaporizing incoming fire. Significantly increases the ship's shield performance.
  • Photon Cannon: A destructive ship projectile launcher; the weapons system of choice for interstellar traders and pirates alike.
    • Non-linear optics: replaces conventional photon cannon optics with an experimental glass matrix, boosting combat performance. Significantly increases heat dissipation capacity.
    • Rocket Launcher: A long-range spaceship weapon that can launch a high-explosive torpedo at enormous distances. Explosive damage is highly effective against unarmored targets, but ineffective against shielded targets.
    • Large Rocket Tubes: Expands the reloading chamber of the ship's rocket launcher, improving exhaust performance and allowing for significantly faster heat recovery.
    • Phase Beam: A high-energy beam weapon for ship-to-ship combat. Although they tend to overheat, these high-precision laser weapons recharge the users' shields by drawing energy from the targets' shield systems.
    • Fourier Delimiter: Rewires the phase beam with nanite-based circuitry, bending the conventional limits of reality in laser power. Significantly increases heat output.
    • Positron Ejector: A powerful spaceship weapon that can unleash extreme destruction at close range. These particles have reduced effectiveness against shielded targets.
    • Fragment Supercharger: Adjusts the firing mechanism of the positron ejector, resulting in faster and more precise particles.
    • Infraknife Accelerator: A rapid-fire spaceship weapon that hurls balls of superheated liquid metal at enemy targets. These projectiles are extremely effective against unarmored ship hulls. The internal components of the throttle are vulnerable to rapid overheating. Its continued use is not recommended.
    • Q Resonator: Enhances the infraknife accelerator, compressing the internal waves to allow additional firing interlaced between conventional fire patterns.
    • Cyclotron Ballista: A powerful weapon for ship-to-ship combat that launches plasma balls containing ionizing radiation toward the selected target. These projectiles can disable ships' engines, leaving the target vulnerable to attack from other weapons. These charged particles are extremely effective against ship shields, although they are less effective against the metal armor of ship hulls.
    • Dyson Pump: Replaces the cyclotron ballista heat sink by surrounding the entire unit with a heat-absorbing megastructure. Heat output is recycled to enhance combat effectiveness. Significantly increases heat output.

How to get ship upgrade modules

In addition to ship upgrade technologies, in No Man's Sky we can also get ship upgrade modules . These modules function as passive bonuses that increase statistics of certain upgrades. For example, if you get a module for the Hyperturbo upgrade, you will increase the benefits of this type of upgrade. The statistics increase more or less depending on the type of module you install (these can be from class C to class S ).

The method to obtain ship upgrade modules is as follows:

  • Visit the space stations of the systems you travel through.
  • At each station you will find a Ship Research Technology Trader booth.
  • You can buy upgrade modules from this character in exchange for nanites.
  • Each merchant offers random upgrade modules of all types for sale, so be sure to talk to the ones you find.
  • In 3-star economy systems merchants are more likely to have the best S-class modules for sale.
  • In addition to what was explained, converting ships that you no longer want into scrap can also give you new random improvement modules.

Remember, by the way, that if you find modules for sale that interest you and you want several of the same type, you can "reset" the catalog of modules that these merchants have for sale easily with a little trick. On space stations, after purchasing modules, simply hop on and off your ship to create a reset point save; Once this is done, load your game again with this point and the merchants will once again have more modules for sale than the ones you have already purchased.

How to improve the class of your ship?

Your ship can be upgraded as we have already seen by purchasing technology upgrades and upgrade modules, but you can also use the Ship Equipment terminals on space stations to improve the class of your ship (here you can also add more slots storage or turning it into scrap).

In any case, don't forget that if you prefer you can also search the entire galaxy for new ships to buy from other pilots who land on space stations or outposts on planets and who have a higher class than yours. Depending on the economy system of the system you travel to, there will be better or worse ships to buy and of different categories or styles.

In short, if you want to improve the ship in No Man's Sky, do not forget to buy and install all the technology upgrades and also acquire the best modules to maximize your interstellar vehicle.