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No Man's Sky: All types of Ships and how to get them

 We show you in detail and in-depth all the types of ships that exist in No Man's Sky, their characteristics, how you can get each of them, which one is the best, and much more.

Among the ships and vehicles that exist in No Man's Sky, the main means of transportation are spaceships, our greatest allies in the game. In this section of our guide, we are going to review all the types of ships available, their classes, how you can get them, which ones are the best, and more.

How to get spaceships?

How to get spaceships

There are three main ways to get spaceships in No Man's Sky:

  • Buy ships: from NPC's that appear with them in space stations, trading posts, or freighters.
  • Find crashed ships : randomly on planets (or with emergency cartographic data). If you repair them you can claim them for yourself.
  • Craft Ships - If you get the necessary parts, you can create your own ships from scratch on space stations.
Obviously, the most effective way is to buy ships from NPCs because you only have to travel to a system, wait for the ship you like the most to appear, and then talk to its pilot to buy it from them (or exchange one of your own). Although searching for crashed ships is also a very valid and quite accessible option if you know what steps to follow, as is making ships from scratch with the right parts.

Please note that in each game system, there are a maximum of 21 different ship types. You will find in them 7 types of shuttles (there is an 85% chance that a solar ship will appear instead of a shuttle in outlaw systems, and 10% in other systems), 3 types of specialties (combat, scout, and transport), 1 exotic and finally 4 ships that depend on the race of the system (the Korvax offer scouts, the Vy'keen combat and the Gek transport).

Ship classes

All ships in No Man's Sky are assigned a class that directly affects their characteristics, which can also be recognized as the rank of said ship. That is, apart from the category/type to which a ship belongs, these vehicles will always be assigned one of the following four classes :

  • Class C (green): These ships have the least amount of inventory and their stat bonus is no more than 20%.
  • Class B (blue color): They can have the maximum stock inventory and their bonus is 20% or more.
  • Class A (purple color): They have the maximum inventory number (or one less space) and their bonus is 35% or more.
  • S Class (gold color): They usually have a large amount of inventory (although not necessarily) and their bonus is 50% or more, except for exotic and living ships.

What are the feature bonuses?

As you can see, the class of a ship in No Man's Sky serves to quickly define how notable or inferior its characteristics and capabilities are. A ship's stat bonus affects the following parameters:

  • Potential Damage: The amount of damage you deal when attacking.
  • Shield Power: The defensive ability against enemy attacks.
  • Hyperturbo range: range and consumption to jump between systems.
  • Maneuverability: capacity and speed of movement of the ship.
  • Energy: the cost of fuel used for takeoffs.
  • Inventory: the ability to store resources and technologies.

The better the class of the ship, the higher the statistics that can achieve these parameters both out of the box and by installing technologies. In short, depending on the class a ship has, we will know how good it is. In general terms, the best ships are those of rank A and S, while those of C and B are the ones we use in our first hours of play.

Ship spawn probabilities

Depending on the economy stars a system has, ships of one class or another will be less or more likely to appear in each system (the class of the ship is only generated when it lands).

These are the known probabilities for ships to appear in the systems:

Ship spawn probabilities

Combat Ships

  • Base casting cost: 50%.
  • Maneuverability: very high (350-650).
  • Inventory: between 15 to 38 spaces.
Gunships are the most efficient in terms of their offensive capabilities and are most easily found in Vy'keen systems. You always start the game with a ship of this type. They tend to be quite fast and very manageable, although they do not have large shields so it is recommended to do damage and move a lot to avoid enemy shots.

They also don't have a very large cargo hold by default, so they aren't the ideal ship for moving around systems. They are also the ships used by pirates throughout the galaxy.

Ferry Ships

  • Base casting cost: 16.6%.
  • Maneuverability: medium (245-310).
  • Inventory: between 18 to 28 spaces.
The shuttle ships are the cheapest in the game and, although their attributes are not very high, they balance each other quite well. It offers decent defense (despite not having much weaponry), a larger inventory by default, and consumes very little fuel when launching. This is why these ships are a great option for the first hours of play.

Transport Ships

  • Base casting cost: 25%.
  • Maneuverability: low (150-230).
  • Inventory: between 25 to 48 spaces.
Transport ships are especially known for their large inventory cargo capacities, most easily found in Gek systems. Although their mobility is not the best, these ships have a very high bonus to their shields that make them resistant to enemies.

Explorer Ships

  • Base casting cost: 12.5%.
  • Maneuverability: high (350-430).
  • Inventory: between 15 to 38 spaces.
Scout ships offer a fairly high bonus on their hyperturbos that make them ideal for travel and detecting points of interest (not for combat), they are more easily found in Korvax systems. In addition, its maneuverability is quite high, so if you are going to make many trips, this is the type of ship that interests you.

Exotic Ships

  • Base casting cost: 25%.
  • Maneuverability: high (390-440).
  • Inventory: between 15 to 20 spaces.
Exotic ships are all S-Class and most likely appear in 3-star systems. They usually offer very good versatility and that is why they are very valuable and valued by players. Although its inventory is not very large, its mobility is excellent and its ability bonuses are high.

A good way to get and find S-Class ships is to visit 3-star systems, perform a manual save, and wait for NPC ships to appear. If none of the ships that land are of this class, load the save and repeat the process until you find one of these valuable ships.

Solar Ships

  • Base casting cost: 25%.
  • Maneuverability: high (388-445).
  • Inventory: between 15 to 19 spaces.
The solar ships are so called because they have extendable solar panels and feature a Vesper sail, a unique piece of technology that increases the performance of the pulse engine. These types of ships have lower hyper turbo bonuses than the others, but stand out for having the highest pulse speed and performance in the game and damage similar to exotic ships when they are S-class.

Solar ships can frequently be found within pirate or outlaw systems and are available for purchase from other NPCs within outlaw stations or at trading posts.

Live Ships

  • Base casting cost: 25%.
  • Maneuverability: medium (200).
  • Inventory: 22 spaces.
Living ships are a special and distinct type of ship that have their own independent technology that usually increases their damage levels and hyper turbo range. They have an organic look and are procedurally generated. Your inventory cannot be expanded. They are created from a Void Egg purchased from the Space Anomaly Nexus.

What is the best ship?

Defining which is the best ship in No Man's Sky is practically impossible . We could say that it is a subjective question and that it depends on the needs of each player at all times.

Generalizing, we could say that exotic ships or S-Class combat ships (with 38 inventory slots) and the best technologies installed could be the most effective ships in the entire game. But at the end of the day, as we say, there is no consensus ship as the best in the game and they are all more or less effective for different purposes, that is the beauty of them.