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No Man's Sky: The BEST mods that you can install for free on PC

 If you play No Man's Sky on PC and you still think that the game has room for improvement, then here we recommend the best mods to download for free so that your experience is even more complete.

Since its fateful release, No Man's Sky has continued to grow and redeem itself year after year until it has become one of the most ambitious space exploration games ever created. The amount of current content in this work is immense, and from the beginning, just like Hello Games has done, the PC modder community has not stopped expanding its borders and even improving in many aspects the general experience of a title that It has received dozens of updates.

In this entry of our guide, in case you are interested in installing mods in your computer game and you want to quickly know which are the most interesting and useful according to the community, here we are going to save you time and we are going to present you the best mods in the popular Nexus Mods page to download for free in No Man's Sky:

Better rewards and more money

Better rewards and more money

What does this mod do?: Increases by about 5 times the amount of money you get from completing quests or interacting with objects, the speed of learning alien words, and also the overall resource amounts you get from exploring (this also applies for frigate expeditions).
Ship launch cost reduction

Ship launch cost reduction

What does this mod do?: Reduces the fuel cost of taking off with your ship from the ground, giving several options (including free cost, 5% and 10% of the total energy for each launch).

Best generated planets

What does this mod do?: It completely improves the procedural generation of planets to make them more varied, enrich each biome, and give them new details, so that you will never visit a planet that looks like another.

Greater freedom in creating bases

What this mod does: Adds an extreme degree of freedom to basic base building options, with scalable pieces, color options, no limits, and much more. All are compatible with multiplayer mode.

S class ships galore

What does this mod do?: If you are tired of not finding the best ships in the game, with this mod the search is over. All C-class ships are removed and S-class ships become very common.

A more realistic universe

What does this mod do?: This mod is ideal for space lovers who want a more visually realistic experience, as it makes the No Man's Sky universe darker, turns off bright colors, reduces noise and chromatic aberration, and in general improves the atmospheric effects so that they are closer to real life.

Unlock special rewards

What this mod does?: Unlocks all temporary and exclusive Expeditions rewards, as well as Twitch and community drops, to make them available for purchase in the Mercury Synthesis Shop in the Space Anomaly.

Graphics improvement

What does this mod do?: Improves the quality of ground textures, corrects water levels, reduces the delay in item generation, and applies more fixes and adjustments to the game's graphical quality.

Quick actions

What does this mod do?: Allows actions that require pressing a key to be executed more quickly and almost instantly, eliminating the need to press the key for a second.

More inventory and technologies

What this mod does: You can equip more than 3 tech upgrades of the same type, expand the size of your inventories and tech slot slots, have stack sizes increased up to x100, and more.