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No Man's Sky: Construction Terminal, how to get it and formulas

We explain how to get the construction terminal for your base in No Man's Sky. Hire the supervisor worker and unlock new formulas and special blueprints.

To expand our base and improve it in No Man's Sky, one of the fundamental things we must have is a Construction Terminal and a hired supervisor worker. Below we show you how to get this terminal and what plans you will unlock thanks to it.

How to get the Construction Terminal

How to get the Construction Terminal

The Construction Terminal is used to obtain specific construction and infrastructure items from bases. In order to create it, you first need to obtain its blueprint, which is obtained by returning to your base after having spoken with Artemis's contact in the main mission Ghosts in the Machine.

  • Once you obtain the blueprint, you can proceed to build the terminal anywhere in your base or even inside a freighter (inside the base rooms you need at least two stories high).

Crafting the Construction Terminal requires: Chromatic Metal x40 + Pure Ferrite x25.

Hire the supervisor for the base

Hire the supervisor for the base

The supervisor is the worker NPC that can operate in the Construction Terminal. Remember, in order to hire him, you first have to create a Construction Terminal and this will activate the Expand the Base secondary mission in your journal. You will be able to search for this character in any star system you are in, within the local space station (following the mission coordinates when flying in space).

The supervisor is always a Gek race NPC. You should easily find it in a back room where the station's technology merchants are. When you see him, talk to him and ask him to move to your base to hire his services.

Formulas and plans of the Construction Terminal

After completing the Construction Terminal and hiring the supervisor, you can begin a chain of missions that will lead you to unlock new formulas and plans related to this terminal.

These are all the formulas that you will get as a reward if you complete the supervisor's missions:

  • Glass: used for construction and decoration of base structures.
  • Save Beacon: Used to perform manual saves from the base.
  • Storage container: allows you to store all types of objects and materials.
  • Cuboid room: structure to expand the base.
  • Conflict Scanner: Ship technology that allows you to view the level of conflict in systems from the galactic map.
  • Geology Cannon: Tech for the multi-tool that causes massive damage to terrain.
  • Autonomous extraction unit: automatic harvester to extract resources.
  • Landing Pad: Provides a runway for landing ships at the base.
  • Galactic Trading Terminal – To trade directly with the Galactic Market.
  • Scientific Terminal: will allow you to hire the scientific specialist.
  • Weapons Terminal: will allow you to hire the weapons specialist.
  • Agricultural Terminal: will allow you to hire the agricultural specialist.
  • Exocraft Terminal: will allow you to hire the exocraft specialist.