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No Man's Sky: Exocraft Terminal, how to get it and formulas

 We explain how to get the Exocraft Terminal for your base in No Man's Sky. Hire the technical worker and unlock new formulas and special blueprints.

To expand our base and improve it in No Man's Sky, one of the fundamental things we must have is an Exocraft Terminal and the hired technical worker. Below we show you how to get this terminal and what plans you will unlock thanks to it.

How to get the Exocraft Terminal

How to get the Exocraft Terminal

The Exocraft Terminal is used to obtain research and blueprints related to Exocraft or exoships. In order to create it, you first need to get its blueprint, which is obtained by following the missions given to you by the supervisor in the Construction Terminal, after having advanced enough in the missions of the Scientific Terminal, the Weapons Terminal and the Agricultural Terminal.

Once you obtain the blueprint, you can proceed to build the terminal anywhere in your base or even inside a freighter (inside the base rooms you need at least two stories high).

  • Crafting the Exocraft Terminal requires: Chromatic Metal x40 + Dihydrogen x25.

Hire the technician for the base

The Technician is the worker NPC that can operate in the Exocraft Terminal. Once you have built it for the first time, you can search for this character who is found randomly on the space stations of Vy'keen systems (although it has also been reported to be found randomly in other systems).

The technician is always a Vy'keen race NPC. You should be able to find him at the stations after several attempts, we recommend talking to all the Vy'keen characters until you find him. When you see him, ask him to move to your base to hire his services.

Formulas and plans of the Exocraft Terminal

Following the Exocraft Terminal and hiring the technician, you can begin a chain of missions that will lead you to unlock new formulas and plans related to this terminal.

These are all the formulas that you will get as a reward if you complete the technician's missions:

  • Roamer Geobay: valid platform for the Exocraft Roamer.
  • Exocraft Signal Booster: Exocraft technology that provides a large radar to identify points of interest.
  • Exocraft Mounted Cannon: Exocraft weapon that fires two explosives per second at targets.
  • Exocraft Acceleration Module: Exocraft upgrade that allows for short bursts of speed.
  • Excraft Extraction Laser: Exoship technology that fires continuously without overheating.
  • Nomad Geobay: valid platform for the Nomad Exocraft.
  • Advanced Exoship Signal Amplifier: Exoship technology more powerful than its standard version.
  • Colossus Geobay: valid platform for the Exocraft Colossus.
  • Exocraft Extraction Laser Sigma Upgrade: Increases the power of standard Exocraft technology.
  • Exocraft Signal Enhancer Tau Enhancement: Technology that further enhances your radar.
  • Exocraft Acceleration Module - Acceleration update for exocraft.