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No Man's Sky: How to change your character's appearance and name?

 Have you gotten bored with how your character looks in No Man's Sky and would like to give him a new style? We show you how you can edit your appearance whenever you want and how to change your banner.

There are thousands of adventures to discover in No Man's Sky and dozens and dozens of hours of entertainment in the incredible universe created by Hello Games. For this reason, it is quite likely that at some point during your travels, you will end up getting bored with the appearance of your main character and you will want to give him a facelift (especially if you play a lot in third person ).

Luckily for you, there is a method to edit your character's appearance very easily in No Man's Sky. Don't you know him? Well, don't worry, below we show you the steps to follow to change your appearance in this entry of our guide.

How to customize your character's appearance?

At the beginning of every game in No Man's Sky, you begin the adventure without having customized the appearance of your main character. This may be a hassle for some players, but the good news is that the game allows you to change your appearance later if you wish, and customization is free of charge.

To edit the appearance of your character you have to interact with an "Appearance Modifier" terminal like the one you see in the following image:

How to customize your character's appearance

These terminals can be found in all space stations in the universe, in the wing where the exosuit or ship technology stations are also located. Additionally, you will also find this type of terminal in the Space Anomaly, very close to Iteration: Chronos and the egg sequencer stand.

  • All you have to do is interact with an appearance modifier to open your character's edit menu.
  • Here you can change a series of parameters regarding how your character looks.
  • Among others, you can change the race (although this can never really be seen because you always wear the exosuit), the body shape, the head, the armor, the backpack, and more...
  • You can modify your appearance as many times as you want, there are no limits or costs for this process.

Remember that, in addition, the Appearance Modifier terminal can also be created in one of your bases if you wish. To do this you must first unlock its blueprint and then you can make it with just x10 Ferrite Powder.

Now you know how to customize your appearance, so other friends and players in multiplayer mode will see you however you like.

Change your name (banner)

Your character's banner in No Man's Sky, that is, the name other players see you under, can also be modified. In case you've ever wondered, this option is available for editing in the same terminal to modify the appearance of your character that we have shown you above.

You just have to access said terminal and enter the lower section called "Banner".

Change your name (banner)

Here you can change your banner, the title (or name) with which other players see you and also the emblem and its primary and secondary colors.