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No Man's Sky: How to create your own ships, get parts and S-class reactor

 Thanks to the No Man's Sky Orbital update you can now customize the spaceship from scratch. We tell you how to make your own ships get parts, cores, and more.

It's taken years to become available, but spaceship creation has finally arrived in No Man's Sky thanks to the free Orbital update. From now on, players can design and build our ships from scratch with different parts, technologies, and even colors, all to have the vehicle we have always dreamed of to travel the universe.

If you are a newcomer to the game and want to know how to create your own ships and what you need to do so, keep reading this entry in our guide in which we explain all the details below.

How to create spaceships from scratch?

Creating ships in No Man's Sky is now possible from the Orbital update onwards, released on March 27, 2024, worldwide and for all platforms of the Hello Games video game. And you should know that this mechanic is available practically from the beginning of any type of game.

  • Crafting ships is something that can be done on any space station you visit throughout the galaxy.
  • Therefore, if you want to create a ship, visit any station.
  • Once inside the station, walk towards the back to find a new terminal called "Ship Manufacturer" (like the one you can see in the screenshot below).
How to create spaceships from scratch

  • In the "Ship Maker" you are allowed to build a new ship from certain parts.
It should be noted that, at least at the launch of this option, it is only possible to create Fighter, Carrier, and Explorer type ships, although it is expected that in future updates more ship categories will also be added to the terminal.

Be that as it may, to create a ship you need to select a Fuselage piece, a Reactor Core, some Wings, and a Propeller. These are the 4 essential parts of every ship, so you will first need to have one of each type to be able to assemble the new ship you want to build, and also to be able to apply the colors to your liking to the vehicle.

How to get parts to make ships?

As we have already told you, to create your own ships you will need certain parts or components. The parts to create ships are consumables, meaning that once used in the manufacture of a ship, they will disappear from your inventory and you will have to get them again if you want to use them again.

But well... How do you get pieces to create ships? There are two methods for this that we summarize below:

  • Buy Ships from NPCs: You can negotiate with characters who land on space stations to buy their ships and then dismantle them for parts.
  • Search for Crashed Ships: You can search for crashed ships on planets to claim them for free and then dismantle them into pieces (see the attached link for more information).
Either of these methods is equally valid to get ship parts, although obviously, we recommend the second because it allows you to save money and get free ships. Plus, you won't even have to repair crashed ships or spend resources on them. Once you claim a ship at its crash site, return to a station with your main ship and you should see that the basic components of the crashed ship have been automatically repaired.

However, it is interesting to mention that buying ships from NPCs can be useful if you are looking for a specific piece of ship and it just appears at a station. Depending on the economy system, if the ship is class C (the lowest), it should be cheap and it won't take you much effort to buy it; If, on the other hand, it is class S (the highest), it may not compensate you for the outlay. You will have to assess it yourself. In any case, remember that you can use the useful website to search and filter crashed ship coordinates by category, and then use the glyphs and portals to travel to their locations guaranteed.

The fact is that when you already have ships in your possession that contain pieces that interest you, you must dismantle them, that is, get rid of them to obtain the desired piece in exchange. This is done in the "Ship Equipment" terminal next to the ship manufacturing terminal on the space stations.

Interact with the mentioned terminal and first choose the option "Start recovery analysis" . Then select "Remove customization module" and then choose which part you want to recover from the ship you are going to dismantle (its cabin, its wings or its engines). Remember that once the part is recovered, the ship is completely scrapped and you can no longer use it.

You will have to repeat this process as many times as necessary to have enough pieces to create a ship from scratch. Don't forget that different ship categories have different parts (the wings on carrier ships are not the same as those on scout ships, etc.).

How to get S class reactors?

When building your own ship, the core reactor is the most important of all the pieces you must install, since the reactor determines the class the ship will have when created. The better this is, the better your vehicle's statistics will be, as well as the size of available inventory. However, reactors cannot be obtained by dismantling ships, like the rest of the parts...

So how can you get reactors to create ships? And, more importantly, how can you get S-class reactors so you have the best ship possible? Once again, we must go to the space stations for this.

  • At any station, you must visit the "Ship Research" technology merchant.
  • This character sells different improvement modules for your ships in exchange for nanites.
  • Among its catalog of modules, it will always have reactors of different types for sale.
  • Remember that the price of reactors may be discounted depending on your reputation level with the faction of the station visited.
  • It is quite likely that this merchant will always have an S-class reactor for sale (but if this is not the case, try visiting stations in 3-star economy systems to increase this probability).
So, as you see, this is the way to buy and get reactors to create ships. In case the tech dealer doesn't sell S-class reactors (or you don't have enough nanites to buy them), you can always install a lower-class reactor on your crafted ship, and later upgrade it whenever you want in the terminal. Ship equipment", spending nanites in the "Upgrade ship" option.

Anyway, that's roughly everything you need to know about crafting ships in No Man's Sky. Now you can take advantage of this fun and long-awaited feature!