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No Man's Sky: How to Defeat Space Pirates Easily

Space pirates are the first of your threats outside the planet where your journey begins. We tell you what you should do to get rid of them without many problems.

During our adventure in No Man's Sky, as part of combat and survival, it may happen that when we are traveling between systems, exploring space, the so-called space pirates appear and will try to destroy us. In the first hours of the game, our ship is very basic and you will barely be able to kill any of them, and the battles are usually always against three or four at a time and therefore it is almost impossible to win the fight. However, in this entry of our guide, we are going to give you some essential tips so that you know how to defeat them if you are in trouble.

How to fight space pirates?

How to fight space pirates

To kill the space pirates in No Man's Sky you must easily shoot the triangle that appears on the screen because it indicates the position to which the enemy ship will go.

If the pirates manage to kill you, you will die and appear at the nearby space station. Once you are resurrected you will have to go to the symbol of your grave that you will see in the same area where you died to recover the loot.

If you manage to kill them, you will be the one who gets the enemy's loot, but your search level will increase and more powerful enemies may arrive. Therefore, it would be advisable to fly to any planet in the galaxy to escape.

To survive the space pirates, our recommendation is that you first focus on improving the ship's cannons. Keep in mind that the ships will only last a couple of attacks and they will also be better for you to destroy the asteroids to get minerals.

Events related to space pirates

In No Man's Sky, there are some events related to the appearance of space pirates that are worth mentioning. Sometimes you will receive emergency calls from other ships under attack by pirates, and if you manage to defeat them all, you will receive a reward from those you have saved.

The best example of this type is the event where you must save a freighter from attackers to get your first ship of this type. Stay tuned for incoming streams so you don't miss any chance to earn rewards.