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No Man's Sky: How to Find the Colossal Archives Buildings

 If you want to find the Colossal Archives buildings in No Man's Sky, here we tell you what to do to find them safely and what you will find at these points of interest.

Following the No Man's Sky 3.0 update, titled Origins, some tremendous and impressive Colossal Archives buildings were added to the game. These points of interest are procedurally generated and can be discovered throughout the universe, although it is difficult and unlikely to find them. However, we have prepared this article of our complete guide to reveal to you the method of finding the Colossal Archives buildings and what you can do in them.

How to find the Colossal Archives?

How to find the Colossal Archives?

Colossal Archives buildings are points of interest that can be found throughout the universe just like other places, see observatories, trading posts, etc. However, Colossal Archives are especially rare and difficult to find. find them (and even when you find them, if you don't mark their position when you leave them there will be no record of their position to return to them).

The main and basic method to find Colossal Archives consists of the following:

  • You must exchange maps: with the cartographer of any Space Station.
  • Use navigation data: to obtain planetary navigation charts (specifically planetary cartographic data charts).
  • Use these cards: to discover planetary points of interest in the system you are in.
  • With a little luck: the location of a "Colossal File" will appear.

Increase chances of finding colossal files

We have already revealed how to find Colossal Archives, however, these are rare and difficult to find after using planetary navigation charts. Most of the time you will find the location of other more frequent points of interest. In order to improve the chances of encountering colossal files, you should implement the following steps:

  • Open the galactic map and look for systems that have 3 economy stars.
  • Try to find a system that has as many planets as possible, for example, 5 or more.
  • Ideally, the system has a stellar class with a very cold star, that is, its star classification has a high number. The higher the better, as it will mean there are frozen planets.
  • The probability of colossal archives appearing on frozen planets is higher.
This way, if you manage to find a system that has all these features, you can "force" the appearance of colossal files a little when you use your navigation charts.

Colossal Archives Features

Colossal Archives Features

When you finally discover a colossal Archive building you can travel to it, essentially it is a type of outpost with multiple landing strips and several possible interactions with other NPCs. It is something like a space station, but available on planets. Below we summarize the options available within the files:

  • Multiple NPC's: with which you can interact in a similar way to Space Stations and trading posts.
  • Between 5 to 6 landing strips: which can be visited by other NPCs or players, ideal for getting new ships.
  • Local Information Repository: In exchange for 15 nanites, it analyzes the nearby topography and grants a planetary chart that reveals the position of a ruined ancestral site.
  • Galactic Trade Terminal: where you can trade, such as those at trading posts, it offers higher prices compared to those at space stations.
  • Technology merchant: with various technologies, plans, and products not sold by other merchants.
  • Guild Post: Functions similar to those on space stations.
  • Artifact exchange compartment: allows you to exchange artifacts for others of potentially greater or equivalent value.
  • Ancestral compartment: provides specific knowledge of a race and its lore, although it requires knowledge of the racial language to be able to operate and reveal said information.
We remind you that the location of the colossal files is not recorded once you leave them, so it is advisable to build a save beacon in them so you can return whenever you want.