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No Man's Sky: How to Find Crashed Ships - Easy and Guaranteed Method

 Are you looking for a new spaceship in your No Man's Sky game that doesn't cost you money? Then you need to look for crashed ships on planets. Here we reveal the method for this!

Searching, finding, and getting new spaceships in No Man's Sky is one of the things you will probably do the most while exploring the universe until you get the long-awaited ship you are looking for. Whether it's the one that has the appearance you like the most, or the best one available in its category. Be that as it may, players can mainly trade with NPCs throughout the galaxy to buy their ships, but... we also have at our disposal a very useful method when it comes to acquiring new ships for our collection: finding them crashed on planets.

In this entry of our guide, we are going to explain step by step what is the guaranteed method to find the best crashed ships on planets throughout the galaxy. Keep reading to find out all the details and start taking advantage of this easy and accessible system from the first moment.

How to easily locate crashed ships?

If you want to find crashed ships in No Man's Sky, you should know that there are several methods for this, but there is one that is very quick and easy to carry out and is also available practically from the start of a new game, so it is ideal for players who have just started and want to start looking for new ships soon.

Below we are going to explain it to you in a simple way. The method can be performed by following these general steps :

  • The first thing you have to do is visit any space station in a regulated system (outlawed stations in pirate systems are useless).
  • Once at the station, approach the Cartographer's booth and talk to this NPC.
  • Here you will have to choose the "Exchange specific cards" dialog option.
  • In the Cartographer's store, you must specifically purchase the "Emergency cartographic data" navigation charts.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to "Buy Random Map" with nanites from the Cartographer, but this does not guarantee you will get emergency map data, which is what you need.

Remember that to buy these charts you must exchange navigation data. In the space stations you visit you can easily obtain data by interacting with "cubes" that appear on top of shelves and tables.

When you already have a little data, what we recommend is that you buy a handful of the aforementioned cards from the cartographer, for example, four or more. After that, get on your ship and jump to the space of the planetary system where you want to search for crashed ships.

What you need to do from here is open your inventory and use the emergency mapping data you purchased. You'll find that by using this data your scanner will reveal the positions of certain areas of interest on nearby planets, such as the site of the freighter crash, an abandoned building, or the emergency beacon. This beacon is what you are interested in locating, since in these beacons what you will find will always be a crashed ship.

How to easily locate crashed ships

Therefore, use the cards you buy and when one of them shows you the position of an emergency beacon, go to the place immediately. You will encounter a starship whose category will depend on the type of system you are in and whose class will also vary depending on the level of economy and stars of the system. The random factor of the game must be taken into account, but as a general rule, in 3-star economy systems, B and A-class ships tend to appear more frequently, and rarely S-class ships if you are lucky.

Also, don't forget that after using an emergency beacon and going to the site of a crashed ship, you can return to space and use another navigation chart to continue revealing the locations of other beacons. You can apply this method as many times as you want to continue searching for crashed ships in different places until you find the one you like the most.

How to stay with crashed ships?

Following the method we explained above of scanning and following emergency beacons, you will always come across crashed ships. The problem is that since they are crashed, they are logically damaged and you can't keep them right away.

If you approach the crashed ship and interact with it you will see that many of its technologies and cargo items are damaged.

  • In order to keep the ship you will have to completely repair it.
  • Luckily, the materials you need to repair crashed ships are always resources that can be purchased at the space station trading station or from NPCs that land with their ships.
  • You can also have repair kits in your inventory with which to repair a crashed ship comfortably.
In any case, an important detail is worth mentioning and that is that not all crashed ships can be repaired so you can keep them. Some of these ships already have an owner, an NPC pilot that you will see near the crashed ship. In these cases, unfortunately, you will not be allowed to keep it (although you can still repair the ship, but it is of little use).