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No Man's Sky: How to find pirated systems and smuggle?

 If you fancy being an outlaw in No Man's Sky, then you might want to visit the pirate systems in the galaxy. We tell you how they work and how to carry out illegal smuggling to make money.

The No Man's Sky Outlaws update expanded the playable universe of the Hello Games title with new features and, among other things, included the so-called pirate systems or outlaw systems and illegal smuggling with NPCs to earn a lot of money. Are you interested in all this stuff? If you want to know how to travel to pirate systems or how to carry out smuggling, then keep reading this entry in our guide because we explain everything below.

How to find and visit pirate systems?

Pirate systems in No Man's Sky can be found by following a series of guidelines that will make finding them much easier. To do this, you must take into account the following details:

  • Visit the Space Anomaly and go trade with Iteration: Hyperion, the character who sells technology upgrades for the spaceship.
  • It is important that you purchase the blueprints for the Economy Scanner and Conflict Scanner upgrades.
  • After you have the plans, create the technologies and install them in your ship's inventory.
  • Now go to space and open the galactic map.
  • What you need to look for are systems that have a skull symbol and the "Black Market" label next to the economy icon.
  • Additionally, you can filter your search for systems by choosing the "Conflict" filter.
  • After changing the filter, focus on looking for red systems whose conflict level is, for example, "Anarchic" or "Pirates".

With these tips we have given you, it should be extremely easy for you to find pirate systems throughout the galaxy, so don't hesitate to put them into practice.

What are the characteristics of pirate systems?

In case you have never visited one and you are wondering, the pirate systems in No Man's Sky have some special characteristics that can be very interesting and that are unique to them, which makes them different from the systems regulated under the normal law of the galaxy. and currents.

Below we list its details :

  • Space stations in pirate systems are called outlaw stations and have their own mechanics.
  • In the outlawed stations live outlawed pirates who act outside the law.
  • Within them, you can find special bounty hunter missions or trade contraband with the black market agent (more details are explained below).
  • You will also find at these stations a merchant who sells upgrade modules for the class X exosuit ( the most special in the game).
  • As if this were not enough, solar ships appear exclusively in these systems so you can acquire them in your collection.
  • Additionally, in pirate systems, you can carry out illegal activities such as shooting at freighters without triggering the presence of sentinels to pursue you.
  • Fast travel to space stations in regulated systems (and vice versa) is not permitted on the portals of banned stations.

How to trade illegal contraband?

Contraband, or rather contraband items in No Man's Sky, represent a type of economy system with which players can earn a lot of money. Basically, the business with these items consists of buying or obtaining them and then selling them to merchants to obtain profits.

How to trade illegal contraband

  • Obviously, the simplest way to obtain contraband items is by visiting the banned stations of the pirate systems and negotiating with the black market smuggling agent.
  • You will recognize which contraband items are because they are labeled "Illegal Black Market Item".
  • You can buy these objects in exchange for units, although they actually tend to have somewhat high prices and few quantities for sale.
  • However, it is much more advisable to use another method that allows you to get illegal objects for free, without having to buy them.
  • To do this, look for freighters in pirate systems and approach them with your ship.
  • You will see that they all carry cargo containers with illegal objects. Simply shoot the freighter to destroy it and then collect the cargo (don't worry, this won't activate sentries or lower your prestige).
By doing this for a while, you will accumulate a generous amount of illegal items in your inventory. Now you can go sell them to the black market merchant in the banned stations, which will give you a good pinch of money guaranteed.

However, it is even better if you go through a regulated system to sell illegal items. Because? Well, because in regulated systems illegal objects are paid at a much higher price (hence smuggling), especially if that system has a 3-star economy, which can double or even more the amount they will pay for this type. of objects the merchants.

Remember that from banned stations you cannot fast travel to stations on regulated systems, because the law does not allow it. So your options are either to perform hyper turbo jumps with your ship to return to a regulated system, or to visit the Space Anomaly, from which you can travel between regulated and pirate systems, or in the last case use portals that you have built. at a base on a planet or on your own freighter.

Once you're back in a regulated system, be sure to visit merchants on space stations or trading posts on planets, or you may be caught by the authorities for carrying illegal contraband. You will see that it is worth the risk because you can accumulate a lot of units this way, being one of the best methods to get money in the game quickly.