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No Man's Sky: How to find planet Earth? Really exist?

 Wondering if there's a planet like Earth in No Man's Sky? The answer has its crumb. We tell you the keys to visiting planets in the universe that are very similar to our home.

A question that will inevitably come to the minds of thousands of No Man's Sky players at some point, as they explore its gigantic universe, is whether or not a planet like Earth exists in this game. The question is super interesting and very enigmatic, taking into account the colossal size and the number of systems and stars in the Hello Games title. Well, if this interests you, keep reading this entry in our guide because below we are going to explain all the details about it and how you can find planets very similar to our home.

Is there really a planet Earth in No Man's Sky?

No Man's Sky: How to find planet Earth? Really exist?

For years, the No Man's Sky community has asked this question many times. Is there a planet identical to Earth in the game? Is there a planet as such that is Earth? I mean... Is there a solar system as we know it in real life within No Man's Sky?

  • The answer, unfortunately, is no. In No Man's Sky, there is no Earth as such.
Due to the procedural creation of its universe, in this game, there is no solar system identical to ours in which the Earth is along with other planets such as Mars, Saturn, Uranus, etc.... However, we can talk about very similar to Earth. Let's delve into that below.

How to find planets similar to Earth?

The universe of No Man's Sky is extremely varied and is full of dozens of different planets and star systems. For this reason, it is possible to come across planets on our travels that have climatic conditions very similar to those of Earth, and even visually resemble it with mountains, forests and oceans.

These planets, although not named as such in the game, are often described by the game community as terrestrial planets or Earth planets. In reality, they are planets with paradise-type biomes. And the good news is that there are some tips you can follow in your game to ensure your chances of finding them on your own.

Therefore, if you are interested in finding an Earth-type planet in No Man's Sky, you can sign up for the following:

  • Once you are in space traveling with your starship, you must aim at a planet and scan it to obtain preliminary information about its resources.
  • All paradise planets that are likely to resemble Earth have "Star Bulb" among their resources (including moons).
How to find planets similar to Earth

  • To ensure that you find these types of planets more often, open the shortcut menu and access the galactic map.
  • From the galactic map you should look for stars that are yellow in color since they are the ones most likely to have planets with lush biomes.
  • Try to look for systems that have six stellar bodies (planets and moons) to have a better chance of having one like Earth.
  • Additionally, it is recommended to focus on systems with the designation "F4", "F5" or "F6" .
  • This name of the system indicates the type of planets and temperatures that exist in them, it being more likely that if the system has this name it will have planets with temperate temperatures , more similar to the Earth (avoiding frozen, desert, volcanic, toxic, etc. ).
  • Additionally, it is important that the system also has the label "Water" , as this guarantees that the planets have oceans, lakes, and rivers...
How to find planets similar to Earth

Broadly speaking, with all these details that we have offered you, we hope that it will be easy for you to find planets similar to Earth in No Man's Sky. Due to its random factor , it may take you a while to find a similar planet, or it may not be exactly identical , it may have skies of other colors or the seas may not be blue, for example.

It is also possible, if you are unlucky, that even following these tips you may have a hard time finding planets similar to Earth. It can happen due to the procedural creation of systems. But we already told you that by searching and persevering you will end up discovering planets that are undoubtedly very similar to Earth. And if not, as a last resort, you always have the option of traveling to planets that other players have discovered with portals and glyphs . Ask your friends or forums if they know any and ask them to give you the coordinates.

If you want to increase your chances , try to look for systems as we have told you in exuberant galaxies , since in these the number of planets that look like Earth greatly increases. Finally, don't forget that planets can be visually deceiving from space. Sometimes, until you enter their atmosphere and land in them, you won't really know what they look like (except the color of the water, which never changes). So don't just trust what you see from space.

Good luck in your exploration!