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No Man's Sky: How to get antimatter and warp cells fast

 One of the most coveted resources in the entire No Man's Sky universe is antimatter, which in turn allows you to create warp cells. We tell you how to get it quickly.

No Man's Sky: How to get antimatter and warp cells fast

Although there are a lot of materials in No Man's Sky, some are more important than others. If we had to make a priority list of the most important, without a doubt antimatter would be the most valuable material of all.

Why is antimatter so important? To begin with, it is a material that we can sell to get credits. However, the important thing about this material is that it allows the creation of curvature cells, the fuel of the Hyperturbo.

Since Hyperturbo is the engine that allows us to travel from solar system to solar system, there is no need to explain more about the importance of antimatter and curvature cells. Let's get into flour.

How to get antimatter quickly

Let's start from a premise that will surely shatter all your hopes: there is no sure way to get antimatter quickly in No Man's Sky. If you follow the original quest chain while repairing your ship at the beginning of the game, you will be guided to get your first piece of antimatter.

Then they will teach you how to create warp cells using the antimatter store (it costs Oxygen x30 and Ferrite Dust x50 to create, fairly common materials).

  • Sooner or later, the seller of a space station will give us the plans to create antimatter using chromatic metal x25 and condensed carbon x20 for each unit we want to create.
  • First we have to get metals of any type, we recommend copper as it is one of the most common.
  • You will have to use the scanner to locate the deposits and the terrain manipulator to get it.
  • It also gets a lot of carbon.

Now, create a portable refinery (or put one you already have, remember you can take it with you). Using carbon as fuel and copper as input material, you will get chromatic metal. If you do the same but putting carbon for fuel and input material you will get condensed carbon.

Then you can create the antimatter and, with it, the curvature cells. Good luck!