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No Man's Sky: How to get Atlas Pass (all types) and its uses

 We tell you what you have to do step by step to get all the types of Atlas Pass in No Man's Sky and what these special objects are for.

No Man's Sky: How to get Atlas Pass (all types) and its uses

Among the many items in No Man's Sky there are some in particular that many players want to have due to their usefulness; We are talking about Atlas Passes, special access cards. Surely on one of your trips, you have come across a container or a door that you cannot open and that requires one of these passes.

Look no further, in this entry of our guide we are going to tell you how to get the plans for all the types of No Man's Sky Atlas Pass and what each of them is for.

How to get all No Man's Sky Atlas Passes

Currently, in No Man's Sky all types of Atlas Pass can be obtained following the same method. In previous versions of the game they could be obtained in different ways, but what we are going to explain below applies to the Beyond expansion onwards.

There are 3 types of Atlas Pass and their blueprints can be obtained from production centers on any planet. To do this you must go to one of these buildings (locations can be found by exploring the planets or exchanging navigation data with cartographers). Be careful, because these centers are always defended by sentries and their metal doors prevent you from entering. To gain access inside you will have to destroy the doors in a hostile way, for example with your ship's cannons.

  • Once you have entered a production center: you will have to solve a puzzle on the computer to override the security systems.
  • Upon successful completion: You will receive a factory override unit.
  • It is recommended: to save the game before doing this in case you fail and the systems crash, so you will have the opportunities you want.
  • When normal operations resume: among the available options you must select "Learn new formula".
This way you will access a panel with a lot of new plans and formulas that you may or may not already have. The three types of Atlas Pass are on the right side of the components and devices menu. You must redeem your Override Unit to unlock the Atlas Pass blueprint you need.

What are Atlas Passes for?

As we have said, Atlas Passes are access cards. Each of the types allows you a different level of access in different locations in the No Man's Sky universe. Remember that once you obtain the plans for each one you will have to create them in your inventory.

Atlas Pass v1

  • What is it for?: Provides access to low-level restricted areas and stall systems. With this pass, you can open various chests and barrels on planets that contain materials such as antimatter or navigation data.
  • Parts necessary for manufacturing: Copper x200 + Microprocessor x1.

Atlas Pass v2

  • What is it for?: Provides access to mid-level restricted areas and stall systems. Generally opens locked doors inside planetary buildings and also objects that require the Atlas Pass v1.
  • Parts necessary for manufacturing: Cadmium x200 + Microprocessor x1.

Atlas Pass v3

  • What is it for?: Provides access to high-level restricted areas and stall systems. It generally opens locked doors inside space stations and also objects that require Atlas Pass v1 or Atlas Pass v2.
  • Parts necessary for manufacturing: Emerilio x200 + Microprocessor x1.