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No Man's Sky: How to Get the Best S-Class Weapons and Ships

 Traveling through space in No Man's Sky is quite dangerous. To improve your chances of survival, we tell you how to get the best weapons and ships, the S-class ones.

No Man's Sky: How to Get the Best S-Class Weapons and Ships

Getting new weapons and spaceships in No Man's Sky is relatively simple. Whether we are looking to change our multi-tool or a ship, freighter or frigate, almost everything follows the same guidelines:

  • Multi-Tools: In some cases, there are aliens that allow us to exchange our weapon for theirs. However, as a general rule, we will have to buy the best ones when we find them in some exhibitors, such as those at the Anomaly stations.
  • Ships: here there are two possibilities; The first is that we find a crashed ship on a planet. Once we repair it we can claim it. The second and most common is to wait for a ship to land at any station or trading post. We will have the option of negotiating its purchase with its owner.
  • Freighters and frigates: when you find a merchant fleet somewhere in space, you simply have to land and talk to the captain of the ship to have the option of purchasing the ships and adding them to your fleet.

Good, but what if we want to get the best weapons and ships in the game? We are referring to the S class. Is there any method that makes it easier to get them faster? In this entry of our guide we are going to reveal several tips and tricks that, although it does not guarantee that we will find them (remember the random factor of the game), we will surely find them useful for this task.

  • Note: Keep in mind that buying the best weapons and ships is expensive, so you will have to have a good amount of money or you won't be able to get them (thanks, Captain Obvious!)

How to get S-Class multitools

In the case of the S Class multitool things are quite complicated. According to the findings of all the players, there is a foolproof but long method. "The best" multitool is the one with the maximum possible upgrade slots, that is, 24 slots.

In reality, you could say that we have two possible systems, one long, but safe, and another that can be long or short depending on our luck. We explain them to you.

The long system:

  • Go to any planet and locate a base.
  • There will always be a display box with a multi-tool.
  • This multitool, according to the community, always has at least the same slots as the one you have equipped, and in most cases, more.
  • Buy the multitool and repeat the process.
  • Given how the system works, in principle it is a matter of time before you get the long-awaited S-Class multitool with 24 slots.
The luck system:

  • First of all, this system may be identified and resolved in future updates. Therefore, it may no longer work depending on the version of the game you are using.
  • You should locate any station where there is a multi-tool that you can buy. Ideally, it should be one of the Anomaly stations, which usually have a pretty interesting weapon on display.
  • Open the menu to check the multi-tool: if it is not S-Class, save the game, exit, and re-enter.
  • When you look again, the multi-tool will be different.
  • As you can imagine, the idea is to load the game until something that interests you appears.

Whichever system you choose, you must keep one thing in mind: just because a weapon is Class S does not mean it has the best bonuses. It is possible that you will find a Class A that you find much more attractive than Class S that you have found. It's all a matter of preferences.

However, a weapon with 24 slots allows you to put in enough upgrades to make it just what you're looking for.

How to get S Class ships

How to get S Class ships

If you want to get the best spaceships in No Man's Sky, things get a lot more complicated because the economy of the system we are in comes into play.

  • To start, get a freighter and equip an economy scanner.
  • This will let you know if a system is "poor" or not based on its economics stars (what we are looking for is a sector with the best possible economics ).
  • Once you find one of these systems, simply go to any space stop and wait.
  • As in all other areas, different ships will land, and, sooner or later, an S Class ship will appear.

In the case of S-Class frigates, things are different. The frigates that accompany your freighters can be sent on expeditions. Frigates level up as they return from them until they reach Class S.

If you're looking for more in-depth details, feel free to check out our guide entries on ships, freighters, and more.