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No Man's Sky: How to get contrails and statuettes for the ship and what they are for

 We show you the method to unlock new trails and statuettes in No Man's Sky that you can install on your ship to obtain certain special and very interesting effects.

Spaceship customization in No Man's Sky is something that is the order of the day in the Hello Games game. Not only can we acquire technology improvements so that our ship is much better and has vital functionalities, but we can also obtain various aesthetic elements, one of the most notable being the steles and statuettes that are available.

Do you want to know how they are obtained or what exactly they are used for? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then continue reading this section of our guide in which we reveal everything you need to know about this matter.

How to get stelae and statuettes?

Both the steles and the figurines that can be installed on the spaceships in No Man's Sky can be obtained through the same method in the game. The main way to obtain them is by purchasing them from the Space Anomaly.

To do this, keep the following in mind:

How to get stelae and statuettes

  • Visit any Space Anomaly and go talk to the Mercury Synthesis Unit NPC (it's to the right of the Nexus).
  • When interacting with this character, choose the "Create exotic items from mercury" dialogue option.
  • Once the Mercury Store is open, you can switch between tabs to access the one titled "Aspects".
  • In this section of the store, you will find steles for the spaceship and also figurines.
  • Both items can be purchased for Mercury (visit the linked guide to learn how to farm Mercury).
It is worth mentioning that throughout the history of No Man's Sky, there have been some ship trails, for example, that have only been available as rewards from certain temporary Expeditions. That is, they are not for sale in the mercury synthesis store and if you missed the opportunity to unlock them at the time, you will no longer be able to get them.

However, it is also interesting to remind players that from time to time Hello Games could release reward drops on Twitch that contain these trails, or repeat the Expeditions in which it is possible to get them so that players have the opportunity to get them again. if they missed the first opportunity. In any case, you should know that the majority of stelae and statuettes are purchased at the Anomaly as we have told you.

How to install steles and statuettes and what are they for?

Once you have obtained trails and/or statuettes for your spaceship, their installation is very simple, since both items work as if they were technologies for the ship. Therefore you need to have free space in your ship's inventory to install the stele and the statuette.

Now, are you wondering what exactly they are for? It is a very interesting question since they have a purpose beyond aesthetics. As you might imagine, contrails modify the color of the trail your ship leaves behind as you travel through space and can be seen when you play with the third-person camera. Meanwhile, the figurines are nice figures that appear inside the ship's cabin.

However, these two types of items also apply some useful effects to our ship that you will not discover if you only read the description that the game offers about them. These are its real effects:

  • The contrails: each installed contrail increases the ship's power by +1% (improves maximum speed while traveling through space or inside planets).
  • The statuettes: depending on which one you install, you will get a different bonus for your ship's attributes.
    • Apollo Figurine: Increases your ship's base damage by +8%.
    • Artemis Figurine: Increases ship power by +5%.
    • Atlas Figurine: Increases the ship's hyper turbo range by 50.
    • Nada Figurine: Reduces the launch cost of the ship by 10%.
    • -Null- Statuette: Increases the ship's shield by +0.05%.
    • Polo Figurine: Increases the ship's maneuverability by +5%.
The effect or bonus that contrails provide is cumulative , so you can install more than one on your ship to improve its maximum speed. At the same time, you can create adjacency with the statuettes of Polo and Artemis and the different stele, so if you install them next to each other in the ship's inventory, a bonus will be generated in their statistics so that their effect is even greater. Do not forget!