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No Man's Sky: How to get exoships, exomech and upgrades

No Man's Sky: How to get exoships, exomech and upgrades

 We teach you the steps and requirements that you must take into account to be able to get exonaves and exomech, as well as their improvements. They are the most useful means of planetary transportation.

Exocraft or exoships are one of the types of ships and vehicles that exist in No Man's Sky, and these are focused on planetary exploration and can be very useful in it. In this section of our guide, we are going to tell you how to get all the exoships that exist, including the exomech.

How to get exoneships?

There are 6 types of exoships currently in No Man's Sky and each one of them serves a different purpose or fills a specific need. All exoships can be obtained through their respective geobay blueprints.

  • These blueprints are purchased from the Space Anomaly.
  • You must look for them in the Construction Research Station terminal.
  • Specifically, you will find them in the Transportation Modules section.
  • Each of the geobays has a cost of 10 recovered data.

Alternative ways to obtain exoneships

There are other valid ways to obtain some of the exoships, they are the following:

  • The Wanderer, Roamer, and Colossus: can be purchased if you create an exocraft terminal in your base, having hired a Vy'keen technician (the Pilgrim and the Minotaur can only be obtained from the Anomaly).
  • The Nautilon: can be obtained by completing the quest Deep Dreams, which is activated after completing main quest 16/16.

Get the exomech

The exomech is nothing more than the Minotaur exocraft. It receives this name because it looks like a kind of mecha and is a heavy exosuit hybrid , that is, it is bipedal and has no wheels. It is used for terrestrial exploration of planets and is one of the most useful exocraft in the game with 28 inventory slots and immunity to atmospheric hazards.

Its method of obtaining it is not far from other exocraft, and to obtain the Minotaur you must do the same as with the rest of the exocraft . You have to go to the Space Anomaly and enter the Construction Research Station panel. In the Transportation Modules section you will find the Minotaur Geobay, which is sold in exchange for 10 recovered data.

  • Creating the Minotaur Geobay requires: Metal Plate x5 + Ion Battery x4 + Paraffin x100.

Get technology and upgrades for exoships

Exoships can be upgraded by installing technologies or purchasing module upgrades, as is the case with other means of transportation in No Man's Sky. It is important if you want to take advantage of all its advantages.

Get technologies

Technologies for ex-ships can be purchased in the Space Anomaly, specifically in Iteration: Perses, within the Ex-ship Upgrades menu. The purchase of these technologies costs nanites and thanks to them you can improve aspects such as the engine or weapons of your exocraft.

Get upgrade modules

You will find the improvement modules for the exoships in the different space stations. They are sold by technology merchants in exchange for nanite, so we recommend that you visit these stalls often because in each of them you will find different modules for sale. The best, of course, are the S Class.

Summon Exoships from Freighters

If you own a freighter, you can unlock the option to summon exships anywhere you are (as long as your freighter is in the same system as you), which is very useful for your explorations. To do this you need to get an Orbital Excraft Materializer and build it inside your freighter. This item can be purchased from the Space Anomaly in the Construction Research Station.

In order to purchase the Orbital Exship Materializer you first need to purchase the Exship Call Station from the tree branch for 12 recovered data. After that, you can purchase the materializer for 15 recovered data.