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No Man's Sky: How to Get the Living Ship

 Find out what you have to do in No Man's Sky to get the living ship, also known as the biological ship. A very particular spaceship that is obtained from a void egg.

One of the types of spaceships available in No Man's Sky is what is known as a living ship or biological ship. This type of ship is not obtained like the rest but has a particular method of obtaining it . In this entry of our guide, we are going to teach you how to get the living ship.

How to get the living ship?

In order to get your first living ship in No Man's Sky you first need to get a related item and complete a special mission.

Complete the Star Birth quest

The first thing you need to activate this mission is to get a Void Egg. You will find it for sale in the Mercury Synthesis Unit in the Space Anomaly. You must buy the Void Egg which costs 3,200 Mercury.

With the egg in your possession, board your ship and travel to space. Using the pulse skip speed you should shortly receive a transmission from an unknown source. Accept this transmission and you will contact "The Guest". Now press the "Confirm synthesis" dialog option. This will cost you the egg you purchased and in exchange, you will immediately receive the new quest called "Star Birth".

All you have to do from here is follow the instructions, coordinates, and objectives of the mission one by one, there is not much loss. Upon completion, you will be able to obtain your first living ship.

Get more living ships

As living ships are created procedurally, their design and characteristics can vary completely from one to another. You may be interested in getting more until you find the one you like the most. Therefore, you can partially repeat the process described above to find more living ships.

Get more living ships

That is, you must do the following:

  • Purchase a Void Egg: again in the Space Anomaly for 3,200 Mercury.
  • Go out into space and receive the transmission: with the signal from The Host and confirm the synthesis.
  • You will receive some coordinates: go to the place and you will find a new living ship.
From the first one, the rest of the living ships are easily found. When you reach its location you can wake it up for 10,000 nanites, this means that you will be able to see its characteristics and decide if you want to keep it or not.

If you do not want the ship that has appeared to you, you can reject it, which will return the void egg that you used and thus you can return to space and repeat these steps that we have mentioned until you find the ship that you like the most.