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No Man's Sky: How to get mercury and what is it for?

We show you everything you can do in No Man's Sky to get the secondary currency called mercury and what it is used for in the game.

No Man's Sky: How to get mercury and what is it for?

One of the types of currencies that are part of No Man's Sky's economy system are quicksilver. This is a secondary and fairly scarce currency that is not available in large quantities. However, in this entry of our guide we are going to show you how you can get mercury and what it is for.

How to get quicksilver in No Man's Sky

Currently there are very few ways to get mercury in the game, we can point out these two:

  • Obtain 150 Mercury from Nada: Found in the Space Anomaly, this amount can be obtained regularly as you progress through the game's main quests, as long as you visit Nada to report your progress (the quest in your journal will update telling you to go to talk to Nada when this is available).
  • Obtain 250 Mercury in daily missions: which you can activate from the Space Anomaly Nexus (up to 3 can be accumulated at the same time and there is a new one every day).
In the past, one way to obtain mercury was by completing community missions that belonged to special events, however this does not happen now. Weekend community missions only occasionally occur , in which it is possible to earn 1,200 mercury for completing them. It is recommended to keep an eye on them so you can do them when they come out if you are looking to earn more mercury.

What is the mercury coin used for?

Mercury is used to trade with the Mercury Synthesis Unit , a character located in the Space Anomaly with whom you can create exotic objects (you can check their appearance in the image we attach above these lines). Mainly these exotic objects are decorative, collectible, appearances and so on.