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No Man's Sky: How to get money quickly if you're just starting out

 Money problems in No Man's Sky? Do S-Class ships seem expensive to you? Don't worry, we have several ways for you to get units quickly in your first few hours.

No Man's Sky: How to get money quickly if you're just starting out

In No Man's Sky, money is something very necessary to advance in our game, as you will realize shortly after starting, and you will surely immediately wonder what are the best ways to accumulate units in this title. In our guide, we already have a section dedicated to this, but there are also multiple ways to get huge amounts of money very quickly shortly after starting to play (and it should be noted that we are not referring to the trick of duplicating expensive items and then selling them).

The system that we are going to share with you in this entry is simple and revolves around the sale of Hot Ice and Cryogenic Bombs. Both methods give us a lot of money to start, although it should be added that one is more complicated than the other. We are going to explain each of them to you...

Get money selling hot ice

The sale of resources such as raw materials, created products, or curiosities is an important source of units in No Man's Sky, and Hot Ice will give us a good amount quite easily.

  • The system is so obvious that it takes you backwards: simply create Hot Ice and sell it at any season.
  • To create Hot Ice you need (can be purchased at almost any station) Enriched Carbon and Nitrogen Salt.
  • Afterwards, you just have to sell it and you keep the profits.

Simple truth? It will not bring you huge amounts of money and after advancing a good distance in your adventure this method will be of little use to you, but it is an interesting way to start earning units in your first hours when you still do not have other more elaborate methods at your disposal.

Get money selling cryogenic bombs

This really is THE SYSTEM to get a brutal and relatively fast amount of money in No Man's Sky. However, it has a drawback and that is that you must first have obtained the plans for the Cryogenic Bomb. Since getting them is totally random... well, that's really the problem after all.

You will have to explore abandoned factories, freighters, observatories, and other places of interest on all the planets you find until you find the schematics. Once you have it, the system is very simple again: create Cryogenic Bombs and sell them.

  • The Cryogenic Bomb requires materials that are very easy to obtain: it only requires Hot Ice (which we have already indicated above how to obtain without problems) and Thermal Condensate, which (oh surprise), can also be bought in almost any season.
  • When you go to sell bombs, the price of the Cryogenic Bomb fluctuates, depending on the economy of the system in which you are.

There are items with much more sales value than this, but the advantage of the Cryogenic Bomb is that it can be made with extremely easy-to-obtain resources, so take advantage of it as much as you want.

Don't forget that in our guide we also have tips for farming nanites and quicksilver, two other important currencies in No Man's Sky.