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No Man's Sky: How to get Nanites? - Best methods

 We show you the best effective methods to get nanites in No Man's Sky, one of the very valuable in-game currencies.

One of the types of currencies that are part of No Man's Sky's economic system are nanites. This is a very valuable and useful secondary currency and that is why in this entry of our guide we want to reveal to you the best methods to get nanites.

Best methods to get nanites in No Man's Sky

Below we are going to break down the reliable and effective methods of getting nanites in No Man's Sky, this way by combining everything we are going to tell you you will be able to get a good amount of nanites for your pockets.

Complete Nexus and Guild quests

Complete Nexus and Guild quests

Completing quests is always a consistently good way to get nanites. We have two types of missions in which you can obtain said currency as a reward:

  • Nexus Missions: What you will find in the Space Anomaly.
  • Missions for Guilds: which you will find in the mission agents of the Space Stations (you should make sure that among the rewards they give you nanites).
This may not be the fastest way to get nanites, but keep in mind that sometimes missions can accumulate and complete several at the same time, and it is a great way to complete activities while doing other things, such as raising your reputation with the unions.

Use the refinery to get nanites

It is possible to obtain nanites using a refinery and the appropriate components. Below we show you the formulas by which you will obtain nanites, in case you have these materials and want to put it into practice or are willing to farm :

  • Platinum.
  • Platinum + Gold + Silver.
  • Pugneous.
  • Larval nucleus.
  • Hadal core.
  • Recovered data.
  • Rampant mold.

Raid freighters

Another great way to get nanites is to search for freighters in space and attack their cargo containers with your ship. Most of these freighter containers will give you different amounts of nanites when you destroy them (as well as other materials). The negative point of this is that you can lose reputation with certain races, but that is another topic...

Destroy sentinels

The sentinels that swarm throughout the galaxy are also a source of nanites, and you may not have realized it, but when you destroy a sentinel you receive a small amount of nanites. It may seem like a trivial method, but if you have the opportunity, it doesn't hurt to make the effort to increase your nanite pockets.

Record your discoveries

In No Man's Sky almost everything you see can be recorded. From fauna and flora to minerals, planets, and systems. If you are a player who spends all day scanning what is found, then you should not forget to record your discoveries. As? Very simple, access the Discoveries menu and you will check everything you have discovered with your analysis viewer.

  • You can record each discovery you have made throughout your adventure on the network one by one (or record everything at once by clicking an icon in this same menu) to receive nanites for it in exchange.
  • The amount obtained is small for each discovery, but it must be taken into account that hundreds of elements can easily be registered, so after a few hours of playing you could earn a huge amount of nanites by this method.

Helios and Cronos in the Anomaly

There are two NPCs in the Space Anomaly that can give us nanites and these are Helios and Cronos.

  • Helios: he will give you nanites when you go to visit him and share with him the discoveries you have made, such as planets, plants, animals, etc. (only new discoveries are valid).
  • Cronos: He will give you nanites if you give him food that you created in a nutrient processor.