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No Man's Sky: How to get Units? - Best methods

 We show you the best methods that exist to get many units in No Man's Sky quickly and without complications.

One of the main currency types that are part of No Man's Sky's economy system are units. This is the main currency of the game and with it we can acquire a lot of products, ships, freighters, upgrades, etc... Having a good number of units is important to progress properly through the galaxy, that is why in this entry of our guide We are going to share the best methods to earn many units quickly and easily.

Best methods to earn units in No Man's Sky

There are a good handful of ways to earn money or units in No Man's Sky. Below we will point out the best known and the ones that work best since a combination of all these methods will help you get rich in a short time.

Complete many missions

The first method is the most typical of all. Any mission in NMS will reward you with units for your pocket, so simply by playing you will earn units. It is not really the fastest method, but it is a constant one that must always be taken into account while carrying out other activities.

  • In this sense it is interesting to focus on the missions available in the mission agents of the space stations.
  • Many of these missions can be stacked on top of each other, i.e.; If, for example, you accept several at the same time with a similar objective (such as killing X number of creatures), you can complete them all at once, saving yourself time.
  • You can also go to the Space Anomaly Nexus missions, in which some reward large amounts of units.

Buy and sell taking advantage of the systems economy

In No Man's Sky there are 7 different types of economies between the systems, and we can take advantage of these economies to buy and sell products at a better price. That is, the tactic consists of buying materials at a low price in one system and then selling them for a high price in another system and so on in a closed wheel.

This is something that we already explained in another article in our guide and is known as the economy wheel. We recommend that you take a look. Basically the idea is summarized in that there are two ideal trade routes to apply what we explained.

Buy frigates and send them on missions

Buy frigates and send them on missions

A great way to get units without having to do anything particularly laborious is to buy frigates once you have a freighter and send these on expeditions.

  • When you send frigates on expeditions they will go out to complete them.
  • After the necessary time you will know if the frigates have completed the expeditions successfully and will return and you will be able to claim the rewards as units and much more.

Find and sell ancient bones

Some planets have ancient bones that will net you large amounts of units if you sell them. To do this you must search the Galatic Map for systems that have planets marked with the "Ancient Bones" sign. Once one of these planets is located, travel to it and descend to the surface. Look with your scanner for the yellow sign that says "Natural burial site" and go to the place. You will have to use your extraction laser to dig into the ground and find the hidden bones.

There are three types of bone fragments:

  • Ancient bones (blue): they sell for around 100,000 units. They are the most common to find.
  • Ancient bones (purple): they sell between 300,000 and 800,000 units. They are not very common.
  • Ancient bones (yellow): they sell between 1 and 2 million units. They are quite rare to find.

Find and sell recoverable scrap metal

This method is similar to the previous one, only in this case what you should look for are systems that have planets marked with the recoverable scrap signal. Once you locate this type of planet, go down to the surface and with the scanner look for the yellow sign that says "Recovery Container". You must go to the place and break the container with your multitool to obtain the scrap metal, which you will then sell at a good price.

Get and sell expensive minerals

There are certain minerals that are quite valuable to trade and are not very difficult to obtain. On each planet you can always find deposits such as copper, chromatic metal and so on. With the multi-tool extractor you can harvest these minerals and then sell them in large quantities to increase your units.

At the same time, when traveling through space you can destroy asteroids with your ship's cannons to collect valuable materials such as silver or gold, which also sell for high prices at trading posts.