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No Man's Sky: How to Guaranteedly Find Corrupted Planets

 We explain what steps to follow to locate in the immense universe of No Man's Sky the dissonant systems that have planets with corrupt sentinels so that you can steal their resources.

The main attraction of the No Man's Sky Interceptor update was the arrival of corrupted planets to the Hello Games game, worlds inhabited by corrupted sentinels and containing special resources that we can use to get new ships, multi-tools or even jetpacks.

Since you may be wondering how these types of planets are easily found in the wide and unfathomable universe of No Man's Sky, below in this entry of our guide we are going to show you all the details so that you can travel to these worlds in an instant. periquete and, more importantly, in a guaranteed way.

How to find systems with corrupted planets?

How to find systems with corrupted planets

If you want to find corrupted planets in No Man's Sky easily, you have to know that there is a method for this that is very easy to follow. Thanks to the galactic map of the universe, it is possible to know in advance which systems contain these types of planets, since there is only one type of system that can house them inside.

To do this, when you are riding your ship in space, keep these details in mind:

How to find systems with corrupted planets

  • Open the galactic map and start moving the cursor over the systems.
  • You need to look for systems whose description has the label "Dissonant".
  • This word appears next to the distance in light years of the system and its cataloging in letters and numbers.
  • Remember that systems can be dissonant regardless of their level of conflict, predominant race, or type of economy.

If a system has the word "Dissonant" among its characteristics, then it is guaranteed to have at least one corrupted planet 100% of the time.

And how can you tell which of the planets in the system is the corrupt one? This is also very easy. Travel to the system and, once you are in its space, start pointing your ship at the different planets and moons that you see around you. Then activate the scanner from space to obtain a preliminary report on the type of planet and its usual resources, and see if the purple text "Corrupt Sentinels" appears among its characteristics.

How to find systems with corrupted planets

If a planet has "Corrupted Sentinels" among its details list, it is a corrupted planet. You can travel to it and land anywhere in it to start encountering these types of enemies, as well as locations of harmonic scrap and unique resources such as living fragments, from which you can obtain the mineral Atlantideum, radiant shards, or resonators. dissonant. Eventually, by fighting these sentinels and exploring their camps and settlements, you will be able to unlock new special technologies, Interceptor sentinel ships, and more...