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No Man's Sky: How to play with a third-person camera?

 We tell you what you need to do to be able to see the entire No Man's Sky universe from a different perspective, with the third-person camera.

No Man's Sky: How to play with a third-person camera?

After the NEXT update of No Man's Sky, the Hello Games game included among its many functions the possibility of playing with a third-person camera. This, as you can imagine, is a totally different way of seeing the world around us, as well as our own character in great detail. Therefore, in this entry of our guide, we are going to explain how to change from first to third person in case you have doubts and don't know how to do it.

How to play in third person?

Playing No Man's Sky in the third person has no mystery, really, so let's get to the point. How do you play in third person?. You just have to keep these steps in mind:

  • Start the game (thanks, Captain Obvious!)
  • Once in your game, press down on the directional pad (or the X key on PC).
  • Move the quick menu to the left until you reach "Utilities" and open this menu.
  • Select "Switch Camera View" to switch from first to third person and vice versa.
How to play in third person

  • This method is the same whether you are outside your ship and want to see your character in third person or if you are inside your ship.
  • The camera perspective on the ship and the character are independent, so you can play with one in first person and another in third person.

Keep in mind that playing in the third person has some drawbacks, especially when playing on foot. It is a little more complicated to aim, it costs a little more to interact with the environment... And it may generally be more difficult for you to aim at possible enemy targets during combat.

On the other hand, operating the ship in third person is somewhat easier , given that our field of vision is immensely larger. It will be easier to locate the entrance to the stations, follow enemy ships in the middle of space combat, and more...

The summary is that, if you have just started playing, we recommend playing in first person but piloting our ship using the camera in third person. All in all, feel free to experience No Man's Sky with whichever camera perspective you prefer.