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No Man's Sky Ruined Freighters: How to Find Them and Rewards

 We tell you all about the ruined freighters in No Man's Sky, how you can find them, what's inside them, and how to complete them to receive useful rewards.

The No Man's Sky Desolation update added ruined freighters or abandoned freighters to the game, a type of unpilotable ship similar to the normal freighters we can own (except these are lost in space and unmanned). In this entry of our guide, we are going to teach you how to find ruined freighters, what is inside them, and how they can be completed to receive rewards.

How to find ruined freighters

You have to differentiate ruined freighters from crashed freighters. The latter appear destroyed on some planets while abandoned freighters can be found in star systems drifting in space. They are risky environments with hostile entities inside, but also with recoverable objects of value. They work similarly to a raid.

To find a ruined freighter you must follow these steps:

  • Travel to a space station: and locate the scrap metal dealer NPC.
  • Buy from the scrap dealer: an emergency emission receiver (the price increases with each purchase and can be 5, 10, 20, or 30 million units, although this figure is reset every day).
  • Activate your receiver: from inventory to receive a signal (they are single-use).
  • Use the pulse engine: to start locating the freighter, you should then receive an emergency broadcast with the location of the freighter.
How to find ruined freighters

Remember that ruined freighters are procedurally generated and you will never find two alike. However, each system has its own specific wreck and this can be explored more than once.

Alternatives to find ruined freighters

Keep in mind that it is also possible to find abandoned freighters by these methods:

  • With a free Emergency Broadcast Receiver: Can be obtained once a week in the Space Anomaly by speaking to Iteration: Helios, only after you have completed at least one ruined freighter.
  • With an Anomaly Detector: You will rarely find one when shooting asteroids that can force the location of a ruined freighter.
  • With Nexus quests: They can sometimes reward a receiver for tracking a freighter.

How to complete ruined freighters

Once you know the location of a ruined freighter with an emergency broadcast receiver, you can go to it and land on one of its four runways with your ship to begin the mission (which can be done in multiplayer).

  • Note: inside the freighters you cannot save your game or use the jetpack, and the temperature is very low, which will force you to turn on convector units to generate heat.

Unlock freighter door

  • The main entrance door of the freighter will always be locked.
  • In order to open it you must interact with the docking bay door control.
  • Redeem your emergency broadcast receiver to unlock the door.

Explore the freighter

The objective of a ruined cargo ship is to explore its rooms. You have to map the areas by locating terminals with the analysis viewer, collect data on the crew's destination, and finally collect technology in the engineering core. It doesn't have much loss, although here we leave you several useful tips:

  • It is recommended to explore freighters with dioxite, oxygen, and sodium or ion batteries to restore your life support and protection against danger whenever you need it.
  • Don't forget to open the containers and capsules you find as they will have useful materials such as condensed carbon, ferrite, oxygen, and sodium.
  • If hostile entities appear, use your weapons to kill them.
  • Shooting at hideous nests will trigger swarms of enemies.
  • In some rooms, you can activate teleporters that will immediately take you to the start of the freighter.
  • To map the areas you must find terminals with which to recover the crew manifests, the captain's log, and the engineering unit.

Ruined Freighter Rewards

Mainly on the ruined freighters you can obtain valuable recoverable items as well as special items that can be exchanged on the space station for nanites or status with the races.

In addition to that, one of the most important rewards of completing ruined freighters is that you can get technologies for your freighter, including upgrades for the frigate fleet and tools that will increase your freighter's inventory.

When we reach the end of the ruined freighters at the engineering control, we will be given three different options with their respective rewards that will always be random:

  • Manufacture technological improvement: these are various improvements for our freighter.
  • Craft Freighter Bulkhead: You can expand the maximum inventory of your freighter.
  • Mining Nanites: Gives you a generous amount of Nanites.
Keep in mind that the more freighters you complete, the higher the levels they will have and therefore the more likely you will be to receive better rewards such as S-class ones.