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No Man's Sky: Scientific Terminal, how to get it and formulas

We explain how to get the Scientific Terminal for your base in No Man's Sky. Hire the scientific worker and unlock new formulas and special blueprints.

To expand our base and improve it in No Man's Sky, one of the fundamental things we must have is a Scientific Terminal and a hired scientific worker. Below we show you how to get this terminal and what plans you will unlock thanks to it.

How to get the Scientific Terminal

How to get the Scientific Terminal

The Scientific Terminal is used to obtain specialized research and blueprints related to science and technology . In order to create it, you first need to get its blueprint, which is obtained by following the missions given to you by the supervisor at the Construction Terminal .

Once you obtain the blueprint, you can proceed to build the terminal anywhere in your base or even inside a freighter (inside the base rooms you need at least two stories high).

  • Manufacturing the Scientific Terminal requires: Chromatic Metal x40 + Magnetic Ferrite x25.

Hire the scientist for the base

The scientist is the worker NPC that can operate in the Scientific Terminal. Once you have built it for the first time, you can search for this character who is found randomly in the space stations of Korvax systems (although it has also been reported to find him randomly in other systems).

The scientist is always a Korvax race NPC. You should be able to find him at the stations after several attempts, we recommend talking to all the Korvax characters until you find him. When you see him, ask him to move to your base to hire his services.

Formulas and plans of the Scientific Terminal

Following the Scientific Terminal and hiring the scientist, you can begin a chain of missions that will lead you to unlock new formulas and plans related to this terminal.

These are all the formulas that you will get as a reward if you complete the scientist's missions:

  • Lubricant: extends the useful life of technologies with moving parts.
  • Acid: useful for high current generation in various power cells.
  • Microprocessor: Used in the creation of a wide range of advanced technologies.
  • Large Refinery: Allows you to purify and combine up to three elements at a time.
  • Living Glass: Advanced agricultural product imbued with organic compounds that allow it to react to the environment.
  • Save Beacon: Used to perform manual saves from the base.
  • Autonomous extraction unit: automatic harvester to extract resources.
  • Atmosphere collector: extracts gases from the atmosphere without the need for supervision.
  • Unstable gel: agricultural substance rich in energy and dangerous to the touch.
  • Polyfiber: connects electronic systems, serves as a conductor of energy and data.
  • Motherboard: Semi-flexible circuit board used in the development of technologies.
  • Heat Condenser: It has capabilities to produce, dissipate and distribute heat as needed.
  • Liquid explosive: powerful explosive for general use with ease of transport and use.
  • Ion battery: recovers defensive and protection systems against dangers.
  • Weather Resistant Rubber: Highly water resistant, will not distort from extreme temperatures.