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No Man's Sky: Trick to duplicate objects easily and quickly

 Want to duplicate items in No Man's Sky? There are several tricks that work perfectly today on all platforms. We tell you how to carry them out!

Since the release of No Man's Sky, players have come up with multiple ways to duplicate objects in this sci-fi space epic. There have been numerous tricks over the years that have served this purpose, although one has stood out above the rest for being fast, simple, and compatible on all game platforms. Furthermore, we already told you that it is not bannable, since at the end of the day it is about taking advantage of a glitch in the game itself.

In this entry of our guide, in case you are curious or wondering, we are going to share with you the best method that currently still works to duplicate objects in No Man's Sky and on any of its platforms ( PC and consoles ). Remember that thanks to this you can duplicate the most expensive items to get infinite money through their sale.

Duplicate items by cheating with refineries

The main trick to duplicate objects in No Man's Sky is to take advantage of the refineries and a bug or glitch that the game has. The great advantage of this trick is that it can be done alone and in different game modes, such as normal, Permadeath, and more...

The only thing you need is to be able to build portable refineries and have the item you want to duplicate in your inventory. Well, once this is done, pay attention, the steps to follow to reproduce this trick are as follows:

  • First, build a portable refinery wherever you want.
  • Interact with the refinery menu and put the object you want to duplicate in the "Entry" section.
  • Now exit the refinery menu and build a second portable refinery right in the same place where the first one is placed.
Duplicate items by cheating with refineries

  • Continue creating more portable refineries in exactly the same position (create as many refineries as you want to duplicate the object).
  • Finally, whenever you want, collect all the refineries that you have created in advance to obtain duplicates of the object that you introduced in the first one.

And that's it, it's that easy and fast. It has no more mystery. This trick works the same on all platforms and is extremely simple, as you can see. You only need to create portable refineries on top of any other that you have created first, and to which you have previously inserted the object you want to duplicate.

To give an example, if you add 50 units of Iridium to the first refinery, every time you create another refinery on top of it, it will also have 50 units of Iridium that will have been duplicated. You just have to make sure that the next refineries you create are located in exactly the same position as the first one.

To do this, remember that it can help you to play with a first-person camera, so you will have more precision in where you place the refineries. In any case, if right after creating the first refinery you make sure not to move the camera at any time, you should be able to create successive ones in the same place without any problem. And that's it. We hope it has been helpful to you!