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One of the most powerful items in Dragon's Dogma 2 is a one shot weapon and this is how you get it

 Medusa is the first monster you encounter in Dragon's Dogma 2. But you can take revenge on her later and get one of the most powerful items.

Right from the start of Dragon's Dogma 2, you can escape thanks to Medusa's attack and begin your adventure. Later in Battahl the score can be settled with the snake lady. You can get three achievements or trophies at once and get one of the most powerful items in the game.

Finding the Medusa

To find the boss monster, you must have reached Battahl. There she hides in a cave in the southwest. 

We have marked the exact location on the map:

Finding the Medusa

The easiest way to reach the cave is to use the cable car from Bakbattahl and take another cable car to the south at the central station. West of there it doesn't take long until you meet petrified enemies and a man who warns you about Medusa.

What you should pay attention to in the fight against Medusa

Medusa isn't really that difficult as long as you pay attention to her two most important attacks. 

In between, she will stare in your direction. Then you shouldn't stand in the red area or you'll turn to stone over time. Hide behind one of the pillars. However, it's better if you just climb on her and work on her head. 

With the second one, you also avoid her poison areas, which she distributes regularly. As long as you climb around on the monster, you are relatively safe and many of its attacks don't have any effect.

As a reward, you will receive one of the best bows in the game. It's hard as hell and all of your attacks cost more stamina, but you also get more experience and level up faster.

Don't fight headlessly against Medusa!

Defeating Medusa is one thing. To get a particularly powerful weapon, however, you have to kill them in a very special way.

Your career path is best to be Rogue. Fighters and warriors also work, but not nearly as well.

Don't fight headlessly against Medusa!

At the start of the fight, climbs straight up to her head. It is important that you really go all the way up and not just to the neck. Then stab Medusa's head as quickly as possible.

If you have done everything correctly, Medusa will lose her head and you will receive the achievement or trophy Down With Her Head!. This kills Medusa instantly, no matter how much life she had left at the time. But your reward depends on their life energy.

If the Medusa was still on her first health bar when she was beheaded, you will receive the Preserved Medusa Head and the One Head Length Ahead trophy. If she was already a little weakened, then there is the Medusa Head, which has the same effect but does not give you success. If the Medusa was almost dead, then there is only the Withered Medusa Head.

One-shot weapon with timer

The practical thing about the Medusa head is that you can use it as a weapon. Use it from your inventory and you can petrify any enemy or boss immediately, as this video from AshesWolf impressively proves:

However, the head rots over time. You cannot use it indefinitely. Therefore, you should put the Medusa Head in your storage when you don't need it. Items there do not spoil. 

This is the only way you can get the Eye for an Eye achievement, for example, if you want to petrify a Medusa. This only appears again after 14 in-game days. On the other hand, you can get a new head every two in-game weeks.