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 The last major patch in Palworld added many new changes, including craftable items, the option to raid against the Pal Bellanoir, and collecting Ancient Cores. Today we will explain to you how you can get ancient cores.

This is how you find Ancient Cores: There is currently only one way to find Ancient Cores: defeat the raid boss Bellanoir. To even achieve this, you need to be at least level 33 and do thorough preparation.

What do you need Ancient Cores for? The new patch not only added Bellanoir and the Ancient Core, but also some handy items that you can craft if you have Ancient Cores. On the one hand, there is now the electric incubator, which you need to breed for Pals.

You switch this to level 36 in the technology tree, which always keeps the egg you are hatching at the optimal temperature.

You can also unlock the glasses of talent at level 34. This shows you the HP, attack and defense values ​​of the opposing pal in battle.

This is how you get to the raid boss Bellanoir: In order to get ancient cores, you have to defeat the raid boss Bellanoir. But careful preparation is essential. First, you have to unlock the summoning altar at level 33 in the technology tree by investing in old technology points. The materials you need for construction are:

  • 100x stone
  • 20 Paldium Fragments

You must place the summoning altar in your camp. It is therefore advisable to build a separate camp just for raid battles, as you can have more than one camp so that you don't accidentally demolish your hut. A big advantage, however, is that depending on the level of your camp, up to 15 Pals who would otherwise support your camp can go into battle with you and you can even swap them out in battle if you are unable to fight.

There are three versions of Bellanoir as a raid boss

In order to summon a raid boss, you also need a stone tablet. There are three different versions of it and also three different versions of Bellanoir:

  • Bellanoir stone tablet
  • Bellanoir Libero stone tablet
  • Bellanoir Ultra Stone Tablet
You can make these tablets from the corresponding stone shards. You get the stone shards mainly by completing dungeons. It is also possible that you can find the shards in chests in the overworld, but the drop rate for this is so low that we recommend getting the shards specifically by completing dungeons.

However, it is important to note that there are corresponding stone shards for each type of stone tablet. You need 4 of these to make a stone tablet. The only exception to this is the Ultra Stone Tablet, which you get by defeating the Libero variant.