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An important resource in Palworld is sulfur. You need it to make gunpowder. We will explain to you where you can farm and find the raw materials.

What is Sulfur: Sulfur is one of the most important raw materials in Palworld. With this, you primarily produce gunpowder, which you in turn need for your weapons.

As with most resources in Palworld, the game doesn't tell you where to find sulfur. Many players therefore search the map for hours, hoping to stumble upon the resource by chance.

If you have problems finding the resource in the game, the following tips might help you.

Sulfur Farming – Location

Where do you find sulfur? There are some places where you'll find more sulfur than others. For example, the desert biome is well suited for mining sulfur. The area is located in the north of the map. In addition to coal, Pal oil, and some other resources, you will also find a lot of sulfur here.

Later in the game, you come to the volcano biome. There is Mount Obsidian there. Here you will find a larger sulfur deposit behind a tower near the volcano. There is also a fast travel point there, making it easier to transport the resource to your own base. 

You can also find sulfur less often in the game's dungeons.

Sulfur Farming – Location

How do you mine sulfur? Sulfur can be found in sulfur veins. This means you need a pickaxe to mine the raw material. You can recognize the places where you can mine sulfur by a large, green rock.

Transport sulfur

How to Transport Sulfur: Ease of transport is not insignificant, as sulfur is a fairly heavy resource. So either you travel back and forth several times between your base and the location where the sulfur was found, or you set up a Pal box nearby, which you can then use to fast-travel.

In combination with two pieces of charcoal and sulfur you then produce the valuable gunpowder.