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The Witcher 3: Farm XP quickly – these two spots are the fastest

 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wants you to level up your character through the adventure. With these two spots you can help out thanks to faster XP.

The Witcher 3: Farm XP quickly – these two spots are the fastest

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not only open world but also an action RPG. So you also have to level up Geralt so that he can learn more skills. But if this is too slow for you, then these tips could help.

Farming experience points quickly – this is how it works in The Witcher 3

In The Witcher 3, farming experience points changes depending on what level you are. Basically, for both methods, you should activate the level scaling of your opponents so that you don't gradually get less XP.

Low-level farming up to around level 15

If you feel like you are too weak early in the game, then you should play to the point where you have left White Garden and have a crossbow. Then you proceed as follows:

  • Go to the west of Ursten, a town south of Novigrad.
  • Find the pier there and take a boat and sail a few meters out.
  • Jump into the water and equip your crossbow.
  • Now “drowned people” should continue to spawn underwater, which you can kill with one shot. The defeated enemies spawn infinitely and give you almost 6 XP per death. With the automatic aiming you can take them down even faster and you don't have to aim extra.

Thanks to Hanse basic farming, you can quickly reach level 100

For example, if you want to reach level 100 after you have finished the entire story or are even in a New Game Plus, then the quickest way to do this is in the Blood & Wine expansion.

There are the so-called Hanseatic bases there. You can farm these again and again as long as you don't kill the generals. One of the best spots for this is Mont Crane Castle, which you can find in Toussaint.

There you can defeat the enemies again and again and let them spawn again by going from the courtyard into a small underground passage until you find a portal there. If you use this and then return to the castle through the same portal, the enemies will be back and you can defeat them again.

XP farming isn't all that necessary in The Witcher 3

Even though farming experience points in The Witcher 3 certainly has its appeal, it is not always recommended. Because the game actually always rewards you with enough experience points if you simply complete the quests, which is potentially more fun than always farming the same spot.

These methods give the most XP in The Witcher 3 :

  • Completing main quests that are at or just above your level.
  • completing side quests
  • completing witcher orders
  • Kill monster nests and bandit camps
  • Explore places
  • Play Gwent

Basically , it's best to do the main story first and only farm experience points if you have problems with the level of difficulty.