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How to build your own home and start a settlement in Bellwright


How to build your own home and start a settlement in Bellwright

In Bellwright, gamers will have an exciting journey to liberate the inhabitants of the Lowlands and transform their camp into a powerful nation. To do this, you will have to win the trust of local residents and win them over to your side. The starting point is to create a small base outside of Heardin. As you progress, you will expand the territory and install various buildings. However, the lack of in-game tutorial can be confusing for newbies. This guide will help you build your own home and establish a settlement.

How to find wood

Gathering resources is an important part of the gameplay in Bellwright. One of the first resources needed for survival is wood: you will need it to build your personal hut and tents for settlers. Wood can be obtained in several ways, but at the beginning of the game, players will have limited options as they begin the journey without weapons or tools such as an ax or pickaxe.

But don’t be upset, because you can assemble sticks in the open world without additional tools. It is enough to inspect the area under large trees and find sticks lying on the ground. Simply interact with them to place the branches in your inventory. This process may seem tedious, but the large forests around the starting village of Herndin will provide you with a huge amount of the resources you need.

There is another effective way to get wood: cutting down young trees. But for this you will need to craft an ax, so the branches scattered on the ground will have to be collected in any case.

How to make an ax

Luckily, crafting an ax in Bellwright is a quick and easy process that can be done straight from your inventory. To create a tool you will need 6 wood and 2 stone. We have already described how to get branches above, but ordinary stones are collected according to the same principle. Just scan the ground for these items, but they tend to appear on higher ground.

Once you have enough wood and stones, you can start creating an axe:

  • Open your inventory using the “I” key;
  • Find "Simple Ax" in the "Quick Crafting" section under the backpack interface;
  • Hover over the ax icon and hold LMB to create it;
  • When the process is complete, the tool will be added to your backpack.

Where to find flax

Linen is a very useful and widespread resource, but at first you may simply not pay attention to it. As we already advised in the general guide to the game, be sure to collect similar plants and store them at your base. They look like small blue flowers. It is difficult to find flax in dense forests; instead, look around fields and meadows, as well as other areas where trees do not grow.

The largest amount of flax can be found in the fields that are located southwest of the village of Herndin. This location is ideal for establishing a base for several reasons. Firstly, it is surrounded by jungle where you can get wood. Secondly, flax and sage grow in abundance in the fields, necessary for harvesting. Finally, the proximity to the village reduces the time required to complete the initial quests, making this area especially convenient for starting the game.

Where to find flax

How to build a personal hut

To make a personal hut you will need to collect 10 units of wood and 6 units of flax. Open the build menu by pressing the "B" key on your keyboard and go to the "Manage" section. There, select "Personal Shed" and press F to begin placing a holographic version of this object. After installing all the necessary resources, the hut will be created.

In the future, using the research table, you can upgrade your hut to the Village Hall and the Town Hall. But this will require a lot of time and effort.