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How to liberate a village in Bellwright

 In Bellwright, players encounter various hostile characters who can pose a threat to settlements. One of the key aspects of the game is the liberation of villages from the occupation of bandits and robbers. In this article we will look at the process of liberating neutral villages and tell you where to start.

How to liberate a village in Bellwright

How to liberate a village in Bellwright

Liberating a village in Bellwright is a key aspect of the game that allows gamers to break free from the control of bandits and brigands over settlements. The process consists of several stages:

  • Increasing trust in the city: To begin the liberation process, your trust in the village must be high enough.
  • Talk to the Elder: After reaching the required level of trust, talk to the village elder to initiate a dialogue about liberation.
  • Destroying the robber guards: Once you agree to liberate the city, all the occupiers become hostile and you will have to destroy them.
  • Building the Village Bell Tower: After defeating the guards, build the Village Bell Tower.
  • Defending the Bell Tower: Defend the bell tower from the first group of attackers to successfully complete the process of liberating the village.

After completing all these steps, the village will be successfully liberated, and you will be able to trade with it through the world map and hire all the special townspeople. Let's look at some of the steps in more detail.

How to increase village trust

To increase village trust, start by talking to the village elder. At first, he will tell you to leave because he doesn’t want to risk talking to you. But over time, as you talk to the regular villagers and do odd jobs like setting traps or hunting the wolves terrorizing the villagers, the Elder's trust will increase.

Once you make friends with the village, additional quests will become available. You can check the notice board with available quests near the village elder, or wander the streets of the city looking for any NPC with a question mark over their head. This icon means that the character has a quest for you.

You will notice that most of these quests are quite easy to complete. Usually these are various small tasks: find a certain amount of resources, cook some meat, or help find another NPC with whom you can talk on behalf of the quest giver.

Additionally, when you find unique items in the game, such as old coins and wolf fangs, you can bring them to the village elder. Talk to them, tell the Elder that you want to show them something special, and then continue the dialogue. Eventually the game will open a merchant window with the village elder, where you can sell unique items in exchange for the village's trust.

How to build a village bell tower

The Village Bell Tower is one of the village improvements that can be built in neutral villages. Increases trust in the village by 500 units and initiates the liberation of the settlement.

Once the bell tower is completed, a large number of bandits will be sent out from their camp to retake control of the settlement. Only after you defeat each of them will you be able to free the village.

We strongly recommend that you finish researching the bell tower and stock up on resources to build it. The time during the construction of the bell tower may be the most difficult in the liberation process. Until you complete the construction of the facility, you will be constantly attacked by both robbers and bandits. Unlike the bandits who will go after your treasure, the robbers will go to the village. If one of them reaches the village, then the uprising has failed and you will have to build trust with the city again.

Rogues are no joke either: unlike bandits, they are fully equipped with level 2 armor and weapons.