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One Piece 1117 Raw: Back in action! Luffy vs. Gorosei

 Vegapunk has finally revealed the truth of the world of One Piece! Discover the spoilers and raw in addition to the release date of chapter 1117.

For many years, pirates from all over the world have been engaged in a fierce battle to get their hands on One Piece , a legendary treasure hidden by the late Gold Roger, the king of pirates. At the same time, a young man named Luffy decides to embark on an adventure at sea with the aim of becoming the ruler of the pirates!

Find out One Piece Chapter 1117 spoilers, release date and a platform to read it for free and legally.

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea?

For the moment, we do not yet know the scan in advance. However, One Piece Chapter 1117 spoilers will be available on Thursday, June 13, 2024.  For now, we know the "short" spoilers:

  • On the cover, Yamato visits Hyogoro and Nekomamushi.
  • The chapter begins with more reactions on Hachinosu Island.
  • The Sword members are recovering in the hospital. Tashigi speaks with Smoker, he will also go to the hospital.
  • Vegapunk's message continues.
  • Zoro vs. Nasjuro. Nasjuro recognizes Zoro's Kitetsu blade. An intense Haki fight is brewing.
  • The rest of the Gorousei surrounds the ancient robot.
  • Vegapunk has a message for those with the D. in their name. We see Dragon, Blackbeard, Sabo and others.
  • Vegapunk: "Among you are..."
  • The Gorousei attacks the ancient robot and the broadcast ends prematurely.

While waiting for more, find chapter 1116 below:

The chapter begins where the previous one ended, we can see more reactions to Vegapunk's lyrics from all over the world. People are asking about the war dating back 800 years. People: "The 800 year old war is still going on!? Where!? But no one from that era is even alive anymore!! Why is a war that no one knows about still going on!? Vegapunk! !” As Vegapunk continues, we see Imu in the "Room of Flowers" walking towards a portrait (half hidden in the shadows) of a lady who resembles Vivi.

In Arabasta. We see Igaram and Carue crying in front of Vivi's wanted poster. Pell and Chaka stand next to King Cobra's tomb.

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea

Vegapunk reveals that he realized that a fraction of the "Mother Flame" had been stolen, and that it had been used to power one of the "Ancient Weapons" (while he speaks of "Ancient Weapons", we see Momonosuke and Crocodile). Vegapunk: "The kingdom of Lulusia was destroyed by an "Ancient Weapon" activated with my "Mother Flame"...!! I'm so sorry for allowing the resurrection of the "Ancient Weapons"... I don't know who used it, but I'm totally sure the world is threatened by a flood again!!"

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea

We see the shocked reactions of Moda (the milk maiden of the Kingdom of Lulusia) and Vice Admiral Comil (from Ace's cover story) when they discover that the Kingdom of Lulusia has been destroyed by the “Ancient Weapon”.
In the Kingdom of Prodence, King Elizabeth II asks one of his advisors to immediately check what happened in the Kingdom of Lulusia, since there is no news of Lulusia's disappearance.

Cut to "New Marineford" where we can see Sengoku and Tsuru's reactions. Sengoku shoves a lot of okaki into his mouth, stressed. We also see Akainu, he is holding a burning cigar in his hand. Akainu: "You really say it all... Vegapunk!!"
Return to Egg Island. Stussy asks Edison to allow her to let Kaku go because she saw Cipher Pol agents falling into the middle of the island with no way to escape.
Edison apologizes for ordering Stussy to betray the Cipher Pol. He knows that Stussy truly considers them friends but his loyalty to Vegapunk is also real. Edison: "Such conflict in your heart is what makes you human, Stussy!!"
York is shocked that Stella knew the "Mother Flame" had been stolen, as she had not synchronized any of her secret activities with the Punk files.

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea

York deduces that since Vegapunk knows the World Government is coming for him, he wouldn't simply "hide" the special Den Den Mushi. Then York calls the Five Elders. York: "I know where the special Den Den Mushi is!! The "Ancient Robot" is currently protecting it!!"

Vegapunk reveals that Joy Boy planned to pass down the 3 "Ancient Weapons" to future generations. Vegapunk doesn't understand why Joy Boy tried to do such a thing, which is why he can't tell which side is "good" or "evil" in this conflict. Vegapunk: "But one day it will become clear!! And on that day the world will once again be threatened by a flood!! This is my warning."

We see Shirahoshi and the fishmen's reaction when Vegapunk talks about Joy Boy passing down the "Ancient Weapons". Then Vegapunk's message continues. Vegapunk: "There are still many mysteries about the "Forgotten Century"... But there is one group of people who know everything!! The "Pirate King" and his crew!!!"

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea

As Vegapunk talks about Roger's Pirates, we see Crocus at Cape Twins. Then we cut to the Sabaody Archipelago, where people are watching the broadcast of Vegapunk in the city. Vegapunk: "They learned the truth about this part of the story. Why did they disappear without telling anyone...? Why DIDN'T THEY ACT...!?"
Cut to Shakky's Swindle Bar on the last page of the chapter. Shakky is beating up a pirate while she talks with Rayleigh. Shakky: "Ray-san!! You drink too much. It's not like you to get drunk like that..."
Rayleigh is sitting on the stool with his head on the bar. He is drunk. Rayleigh: "Ughh... I'm just an old geezer now... And you talk too much, Vegapunk... An old guy like you... Shouldn't ruin the excitement for the younger generation, idiot...! !”

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea

In the last panel of the chapter, Rayleigh places his glass on the bar while smiling and reminiscing... Rayleigh: "Now it's their 'pleasure'... Right, Roger?" Editor: "He who knows the 'truth' just laughs...!!" 

Spoiler Source: Pewpiece

One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers: Vegapunk Spreads His Message! The world submerged in the sea

Eiichiro Oda revealed that a pirate with an eyepatch will appear in the final phase of One Piece. Here is his full press release:

A pirate with an eyepatch will appear in the endgame of One Piece. I can't wait to draw this character as soon as possible. Maybe people have a preconception that many pirates wear eye patches, but in reality I've never drawn pirates with eye patches.

One Piece Chapter 1116 Release Date and Time

One Piece Chapter 1117 releases on Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.  PT. 

Read One Piece Chapter 1117 for Free on Shueisha Read One Piece Chapter 1117 for Free on Shueisha