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Walkthrough of the Night Springs add-on for Alan Wake 2


Walkthrough of the Night Springs add-on for Alan Wake 2

The first expansion for Alan Wake 2 is called Night Springs. It contains three different episodes made for the TV series. The passage will not take you much time, and there are no secrets in the add-on. However, even here the developers have prepared a couple of tasks where you can get stuck. Read our walkthrough to enjoy more stories from the crazy world of a horror writer.

Episode 1: Devoted Fan

Start playing as a waitress who really loves the work of Alan Wake. You will find yourself in an already familiar coffee shop. Go to the hall to the guests. We need to serve visitors.

Take the coffee pot from the central counter . Pour coffee for everyone and talk to the black girl visitor. Place the coffee pot and remove the pie plates from the tables. One of the guests will ask for advice about a bad date. Talk to him, choosing your lines as you wish

Take all dishes to the dirty dishes window. One of the visitors will ask you to recommend a book. The heroine will immediately think about Alan's novel. Go into the corridor where you started playing and turn into the first door on the right. At the end of the room there is a table with fish on the wall . You can read the notes on the walls there - it doesn’t affect anything.

As soon as you examine the novel, the fish will come to life and speak in the voice of the writer. He needs our help. Go to the utility room, which is located behind the place where you left the dirty dishes. There are weapons in the room. Take the rifle and shotgun .

Exit the diner and go right to the end. Interact with the door to exit the area.

Go forward and talk to Alan's evil twin. Immediately after the dialogue, a long action scene will begin.

Kill all attackers. This will be easy to do. The waitress has a lot of ammo, as well as a repeating shotgun. You won't have to save money. There are also many boxes with consumables in the location . There is also no need to shine a flashlight here. After winning, inspect the area and collect the remaining ammo in the boxes. To the right of the place where the twin stood there will be a hole in the fence. The motorcycle left a trail of fire . Follow it into the forest.

When you reach the bridge you will see new enemies. After the bridge on the left is a hut with cartridges. At the fork, turn left. At the next fork, turn right to find a book on a stump. This again does not affect progress in any way; there are no secrets in the add-on either.

Having reached the motorcycle, go into the hut and go up to the second floor. The twin won't be there, so go downstairs and go through the nearest door to the beach. Talk to the twin near the water and kill all the attackers.

Having reached the motorcycle, go into the hut and go up to the second floor. The twin won't be there, so go downstairs and go through the nearest door to the beach. Talk to the twin near the water and kill all the attackers.

When clearing the floors, go up to the top. Here you will meet several strong enemies. They differ from the others in size. You've already been to the mansion in the main game and should know where to go. On the last floor, turn left to find Alan himself.

Watch the cutscene and the episode will be completed.

Episode 2: North Star

You play as the heroine of Control and find yourself near the coffee park from the main game.

Go forward, but the gate will be locked. To the right is a panel where you need to enter the code. You can find it if you examine the booth to the left of the gate. Code 238 . A little further on the left is a coffee bar. There you also need a code, but pass by for now. Turn right. The ghost will show you the way to the green-lit area - the gazebo .

Talk to the sheriff and pick up the pistol with a flashlight . The ghost will show the way. When you reach the place, remove the veil of darkness with light. Defeat three shadows.

Go to the warehouse intercom and talk. The door requires a password, but none of the options work. Return to the gazebo with the sheriff and go a little forward to the area with the TV and chairs. Interact with the VCR and find out that the tape is missing. Talk to the sheriff again. He will say that he hid the tape on the Ferris wheel in booth 4.

The wheel towers over the entire park, making it easy to spot. As you progress, you will also find many boxes with consumables. Some of them have special locks, where you need to remember the illuminated buttons and repeat the sequence.

Near the wheel, defeat a couple of shadows and go up to the attraction. Start the wheel and wait until booth 4 is at the bottom. Stop the ride and pick up the tape. Go down to the viewing area and start recording. The test word you were looking for is "true" .

Return to the intercom. Additional confirmation is needed. To do this, you will have to find out the coffee roasting temperature . To find out, go back to the coffee bar. Now there are hints. Code 487 .

Return to the intercom and call the number. Now I need to try the coffee. Go to the tasting room next to the Ferris wheel. After tasting the coffee, return to the intercom. Along the way, talk to the sheriff at the warehouse. Tell the intercom that you tried the coffee and hand over your weapons, go inside.

There are large thermoses of coffee in the warehouse. If they see you, it's instant death, so hide behind the bags and go immediately right, and then right again. There is a box with a key on the table .

Return to the center of the warehouse and go a little forward - there is a door on the right. Go inside and talk to the sheriff. Behind it is a hatch to the basement . Get down and go forward.

Watch the cutscene, the episode is completed.

Episode 3: Time Destroyer

You play as actor Shawn Ashmore. Talk to Sam Lake and then head to the break room.

Go left from the stage, and then right to the end of the corridor. Go into the dressing room, examine the script, and then your body. The heroine Control will appear. After the dialogue, you will wake up in the forest.

Follow the planks through the thicket until you hear voices. Climb the steps to the houses and go inside. Look around the room. You will immediately notice the TV . You need an energy charge to set up the portal. Exit the trailer and go down the steps and then go left.

Walk to the stream and through it a little to the left. You will see a large luminous polyhedron floating in the sky . Charge your device with it and come back. Defeat the one shadow next to your corpse and make your way to the trailer. Charge your TV and travel to another dimension.

You are in a hotel room. At the back is a chest of drawers with cartridges. In the hall, defeat the shadow and go forward. There are three directions in front of you with different dials on top: 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00.

There is a clue at the beginning of the hall. To the left of where you came in, look at the three dials with different times. You don't need specific numbers, but arrow directions. The sequence is straight, right, left . You will come to the source of energy. Return to the TV in the room with the dial at 12:00 . There will be a lot of shadows there, so it's best to use grenades.

When you move through the TV, you will find yourself in the world of comics. All you need to do is read. After this stage, Sean will become a character in the 2D game. Move to the right and defeat several waves of your clones, after which you can charge the device again and move. It is enough to press only one button, the hero himself will highlight the shadows and then shoot.

In the new world, walk into the light . In front of the polyhedron, overcome several shadows, charge the device and move forward to the TV. Defeat some shadows and move.

This is the stage of the game in the form of text, where you just have to choose the answers. Click "gather" and "gather" again . Then for a while there will be no choice. As a result, two options will appear. The first is to think about Mr. Dore, the second is to think about the red-haired girl.

As we understand, the outcome will be the same in any case, so we think about the red-haired girl, and then read the development of the story. Elections there will not have much significance. When you receive a pendant with a spiral, the game will automatically ask you to think about Mr. Dore. After this, watch a kind of cut-scene, and the episode will end.