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Where to find all the pillars of knowledge and hidden faces in Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2


Where to find all the pillars of knowledge and hidden faces in Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

There is no loot or other consumables in Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 , but you can still collect some items. All of them are secret, so they are hidden in secluded places. In this guide we will describe the location of Hellblade 2 collectibles.

What can you collect

In total, the developers have prepared two types of secrets. The first are runic totems (pillars of knowledge), which were also in the previous part. As Senua approaches them, she must concentrate to hear one of Druth's legends. There are 18 of them in the game. When you find everything, you will receive the achievement "Tales of Midgard" .

The second type of foragers are trees hidden on secret paths behind hidden faces (faces). Here the task is somewhat more difficult, as you will have to peer into the relief to see the outlines of faces in the stones. As soon as you focus your gaze on them, the stones will turn into a path that will lead to the plant. Focus on it again and the tree will bloom. There are 17 of them in the game, and for finding them all you will receive the Gaze of the Gods trophy .

There is a small hint that will help you figure out if you have collected everything you need. The runes themselves on the totems are in order. They light up when you focus. Accordingly, if between two burning runes there are several dark ones, that’s exactly how many totems you missed. The situation is similar with trees - a spiral with dots is drawn on them. Each new tree lights a point on this spiral also in order.

When you complete the game, you will be able to see the item found counter for each chapter. This will also help you revisit those moments where you were inattentive.

Chapter 1

Knowledge Pillar 1. Subsection “Landing”

The first totem is waiting for you on the beach. You can't miss it. Voices will also begin to draw Senua's attention to the totem and strange runes. If you search by chapter, look for the “Landing” subsection.

Chapter 2

Knowledge pillar 2. Subsection “Freyslaug found”

At the very beginning of the chapter, when Senua goes after the slave trader, turn right. You will see a fenced area with two thatched huts. The secret is hidden behind them.

Knowledge Pillar 3. Subsection “Returning Home”

When you get the mirror and open the passage to the bridge, go through the large house with the hanging corpse. This is the story path. At the exit, turn left and find an area surrounded by stakes. Turn left again to get under the rubble. Totem on the right.

Person 1. Subsection “Returning Home”

When you get the mirror and open the passage to the bridge, go through the large house with the hanging corpse. This is the story path. At the exit, turn left and find an area surrounded by stakes. Turn left again to get under the rubble. Totem on the right.

Person 1. Subsection “Returning Home”

Follow the story until a cut-scene with a man tied to a pole starts. Immediately after it, move to the ledge, climb and jump along the story path. But after that, look to the left. You must find a ladder. Climb up and climb through the small barrier. Next there will be a direct path to the totem.

Person 2. Subsection “Meeting a stranger”

When you save the prisoner and defeat all the draugr in a long battle, the day will come. A new acquaintance will lead Senua to the exit from the village. Don't miss the destroyed bridge. Turn left from him to notice another face.

Knowledge Pillar 5. Subsection “Meeting a Stranger”

Cross the broken bridge and go down the slope, but don't reach the village. When Fargrimr says he can give you shelter, turn left. There is a small additional area with a totem.

Chapter 3

Knowledge Pillar 6. Subsection “Red Hills”

Once Senua, along with Fargrimr and Torgestr, reaches the ruined village, inspect the left side of the zone. Not far from the crack in the ground next to the destroyed house is a totem.

Person 3. Subsection “Red Hills”

Look around the place where you found the previous totem. Stand so that the knowledge pillar is on the right and turn left. After walking a few steps, you will find a stone face on the right.

Face 4. Subsection “Red Hills”

Return to the beginning of the village and examine its right side. You will find a circular area. Stand in the center and look to the left. There's a face there.

Knowledge Pillar 7. Subsection “On the Hill”

Once the vision of darkness ends and Senua returns to the real world to Fargrimr, the Game will prompt you to go down the hill. Take your time and go around it on the right side. There is a house at the top. There you can hear the dialogue between two settlers. There is a totem next to the building.

Person 5. Subsection “On the Hill”

Follow the story and go down the hill. As a result, a puddle will appear under your feet, after which there will be a turn to the right. Look a little to the left without turning right to see the face.

Person 6. Subsection “On the Hill”

After you solve the first new rocks and clods puzzle, stay to the right. Go through the disappeared barrier and climb a little higher to find a stone face.

Knowledge Pillar 8. Subsection “On the Hill”

From the previous person, follow the story path, keeping to the left. You will find a rise to an additional area with a totem. Climb up onto the ledge, then left again through the gap and immediately right.

Face 7. Subsection “On the Hill”

After the three ball puzzle, go through the opened passage and turn right. Go down using the two ledges. Immediately after this, turn right and go up. Use the three puddles on the main road as a guide.

Pillar of Knowledge 9. Subsection “On the Hill”

From the face, jump down onto the main path and stay left. You will find a gap that you can squeeze through. There will be a totem there.

Knowledge Pillar 10. Subsection “On the Hill”

According to the plot, you need to go to a large cave, but it’s too early to go there yet. Approach the fork. The straight path leads to the plot cave, keep to the right. There will be an entrance to a small cave. After going through it, you will find another totem.

Pillar of Knowledge 11. Subsection “Find the Hidden People”

When the next story puzzle with stones starts, look carefully at the ceiling. After taking the third ball, turn around to find the totem upside down on the ceiling.

Chapter 4

Person 8. Subsection “Enter the Caves”

At the very beginning of the chapter, jump off the ledge and then make your way through the cave with a low ceiling. The face will be on the left.

Knowledge Pillar 12. Subsection “Enter the Caves”

From the previous person, move forward along the plot and go down three ledges below. You will end up in a puddle. Immediately turn right and climb up another ledge leading to a knowledge pillar.

Person 9. Subsection “Enter the Caves”

According to the story, you will soon find the first brazier with blue fire. Move further and you will find yourself in a hall with a fire already burning. Jump off the ledge and stay to the right, you will get to the brazier. Put it out (this is important) and turn around. You will find a stone face.

Person 10. Subsection “Enter the Caves”

According to the plot, get to the crevice into which Senua must jump. You will find yourself in the water. Immediately turn around and go to the end of the corridor. The face will be at a dead end.

Knowledge Pillar 13. Subsection “Entrance to the Caves”

After the flooded corridor, you will find yourself in a room with two braziers. This puzzle is not to be missed. After you light the second fire, a bridge will appear. Cross it to get onto the road deeper into the cave. Stay right to find a hidden ledge and drop down to the totem.

Person 11. Subsection “Sacrifice”

When Senua loses her sword, follow the light and escape from the monsters. You will find yourself in a sunlit cave where stones float in the air. Look to the left side to spot the face.

Knowledge Pillar 14. “Subsection Sacrifice”

From the previous secret, move forward until you jump off the ledge. Do not go to the left in the story, you will go to another cave, where at the end there will be a totem.

Chapter 5

Face 12. Subsection “To the Sea”

Follow your companions until Senua is left alone. Carefully inspect the right side until you reach the descent. At this point, voices will begin to say that they feel something. The face will be slightly to the right of the flowing water.

Knowledge Pillar 15. Subsection “To the Sea”

Immediately after the previous stage, go up the slope and then turn right and enter the cave with the waterfall. Turn right again and after the rocks you will see a totem on a cliff.

Person 13. Subsection “Siavarrisi”

As soon as Senua is alone with Astridr, follow the girl. Get to the stage where you need to squeeze through the crevice. Before you do this, check the right side - the stone face.

Knowledge Pillar 16. Subsection “Syavarrisi”

Continue further along the plot to the next crevice. After squeezing through, go over 2 more obstacles and then turn right. There will be a low passage in the rocks, behind which there is a totem.

Person 14. Subsection “Siavarrisi”

Immediately after the rune puzzle, go through the opened path and look to the right. According to the plot, at this point you should reunite with Astridr. If you've already done this, turn around to find a stone face.

Knowledge pillar 17. Subsection “New question”

When you get to the rune puzzle on the beach, start looking for symbols. After the fork-like element, you will come to an area with broken ships. Behind the bluish glow, indicating an object that should appear from behind the clot, there is a crevice through which you can squeeze to the totem. It's on the way to the second character.

Person 15. Subsection “New question”

Turn around from the previous pillar of knowledge. Before going through the crevice, check the left side.

Person 16. Subsection “New question”

After you learn the backstory of the second giant, you will find yourself in a village. Walk past the houses. After the third hut, turn right and you'll come to the backyard where the face is.

Knowledge pillar 18. Subsection “New question”

After the hut, return to the main path. Walk forward a little so that the next hut is on your left and go left up the hill. The totem will be after a small passage fenced with stones.

Person 17. Subsection “New question”

From the last knowledge pillar, turn around and follow the path to the left to the end. As a landmark, there is a house with a lit torch nearby. The face will be slightly to the left of the torch.