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Where to find and how to get tin in Bellwright


Where to find and how to get tin in Bellwright

Bellwright is a new survival game that recently entered Early Access on Steam. Here you can develop your character, found and manage your own settlement, as well as interact with other players and the world around you. For the successful development and prosperity of the camp, you will need various valuable resources, among which tin occupies a special place. In this guide, we will explain in detail where you can find tin and how to mine it so that you can effectively use it for your needs.

How to get Tin in Bellwright

Survival games inevitably involve gathering resources to build a base or village, and Bellwright is no exception. As your settlement develops, the need for materials will increase, and their extraction will become increasingly difficult.

Tin is one of the key resources in Bellwright, needed to create various tools and upgrades. At the beginning of the game, you may encounter difficulties in finding tin, as its deposits may be hidden or difficult to access.

This resource often appears along rivers and other bodies of water: small tin stones are scattered on both sides of the water. The good news is that you don't need to create additional tools like a pickaxe to collect these stones. But this process can become quite long and tedious.

In the mountainous areas you will also find large deposits of tin, which you will need a pickaxe to mine . You can make a tool at a workbench by first unlocking the technology on the research table. Before this, you will also have to study the Gatherer Camp and the Prospector Camp . More details can be found in the technology tree.