LoL Wild Rift: How Ranked Works, And These Rewards Are Here

LoL Wild Rift: How Ranked Works, And These Rewards Are Here

 If you play League of Legends: Wild Rift safely enough , you can switch to the ranked mode and try to achieve a good rating. How you start your first matches and what ranks and rewards there are, that's what we from OkayGotcha reveal in this guide.

What is Ranked?

Ranked is a game mode in which every player is assigned a certain rank after 10 matches have been played. You can improve this rank through victories, and descend through defeat.

However, the losing rule does not apply to the first 10 games. There is no deduction in the rating, but you automatically start a little lower than if you won all 10 and earned a ranking above.

How can I play ranked matches?

To be able to start the ranked matches at all, you must first reach level 10 in the game. You can do this by playing normal matches and completing missions.

What is different compared to normal matches?

In addition to the fact that you are assigned a rank, ranked matches also differ in that each champion can only be played once. In normal matches it can happen that both teams use an Ahri. In the ranked, however, each team alternately chooses a champion that they would like to use.

In League of Legends itself, you also register for a specific position and a certain number of champions can be banned. These two features are not currently available in Wild Rift, but they are likely to be implemented during the beta.

Can you play ranked in a team?

Yes, you can go out alone or with 2, 3 or 5 permanent players. It is not possible for four people.

What should I be able to do before I play the first rankings?

Before you jump into the first rankings, you should be able to play at least 2 champions really well.

In the best case, you can master even more champions and even several positions, after all, another player can currently snatch your role away from you.

What are the best champions for Ranked?

The best champions for each position in Wild Rift can be found in our tier list.

How long is a season?

The current season is a beta season that started on October 7th and is expected to remain active until the start of the regular season in League of Legends in January. There is no exact date.

In the future, a season is expected to run from January to November. A pre-season takes place between November and January, with fewer rewards.

You can also get an overview of the ranking list in this developer video from Riot Games (minute 1:10 for mobile users):

This is how the ranks work and you can find them in LoL Wild Rift

In Wild Rift there is a special system, the so-called ranking symbols, which replace the league points from the PC version:

  • If you win a game, you will receive a ranking badge
  • If you lose one, you will lose a ranking mark

You must earn a certain number of ranking tokens in order to move up a rank. From Diamant, however, the well-known league points system from the PC version applies.

In Wild Rift there are the usual ranks of LoL, whereby a new one has been added with Smaragd:

Iron IV, III, II, I

2 brands to move up a division

Bronze IV, III, II, I

3 brands to move up a division

Silver IV, III, II, I

3 brands to move up a division

Gold IV, III, II, I

4 brands to move up a division

Platinum IV, III, II, I

4 brands to move up a division

Emerald IV, III, II, I

4 brands to move up a division


100 league points


100 league points


100 league points


100 league points


There is also the "Fortitude system" in the ranked. Fortitude is a "currency" that you can earn if you have played particularly well - regardless of whether you win or lose. For example, you can get them for several kills in a row.

If your Fortitude is full, you will receive a bonus: 2 ranking symbols in the event of a win or no loss of a ranking symbol in the event of a defeat. You can then collect Fortitude again.

The rewards of the current season in Wild Rift

In the current beta season you can already earn rewards if you play Ranked:

  • You will receive a special “Season 0” icon for participation
  • There is a special emote for gold players
  • For gold players and above, there is a special banner on the loading screen that represents your top rank.

The banner for the rankings in gold, platinum, emerald and diamond

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