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Gartic Phone: how to play the game?

Gartic Phone: how to play the game?

 Gartic Phone, popularized by Kameto on Twitch in recent days, is the succession of and Developed by Onrizon Social Games, the creators of, this party game allows you to play with friends from 4 players and up to 30, all on a web browser. You can therefore play this game on your PC or on your iOS or Android smartphone, the principle of which is the same as that of the Arabic telephone. We explain in this article how to play this new party-game sensation, and you can find this trick in our Gartic Phone guide.


The principle of the game is the same as that of the Arabic telephone: the first player proposes a sentence, then the second player must draw to try to make the next player guess this sentence. Then the fourth player has to draw again to guess the sentence that the third player understood, and so on. At the end of the game, the players compare the last guessed sentence to the starting sentence, which should be as close as possible. In fact, the more players there are, the less similar the sentences will be!

  1. Launch the official Gartic Phone website
  2. Choose your username
  3. Then set your living room: choose the game mode ( free game or kick-off ), the duration, the maximum number of laps...

Free play mode is the default mode, while easy play mode allows you to take your time since the timer won't start until the majority of players have finished drawing.

If you don't have enough players to start a game, you can count on the game's official Discord , being careful to choose the English language when joining the server.