Microphone not working in Clubhouse - how to fix the problem. How to connect an external microphone


Microphone not working in Clubhouse - how to fix the problem. How to connect an external microphone

Clubhouse is a fast growing social network. The main difference from other sites is voice communication among users. At the moment, only users with the iOS operating system can get into the Clubhouse, but according to the assurances of the developers, the version for Android will be available in the near future. We have prepared detailed instructions on what to do if the microphone in the Clubhouse does not work, and how to use it correctly.

How to get to the Clubhouse and talk in rooms

To get into this social network, you need to receive an invitation from any active member. This is not difficult, since everyone who already uses this application (especially bloggers) actively leave a link with an invitation on their pages in other social networks. You can also read our detailed guide " How to get an invite to the Clubhouse - invite through social networks, queues and sale "

After receiving the invitation, you need to download the application to your device. After you create your Clubhouse room for the first time, the app will ask for permission to use the microphone. Click OK to allow the microphone to be used in the application.

If you have already received an invitation to the Clubhouse and registered in this social network, then you can create your own personal room, or join an existing one. Once this happens, you will find yourself in the "Auditorium" room. Here are the users who can listen to those who are on the "Stage". Such users cannot speak by default. Those who want to speak up should "raise their hand." If after that the moderator of the room allows you to go to the "Stage", then you will be able to express your thoughts to the audience present.

Even if you were given the "right to vote" and you went up to the "Stage", the microphone is still in the off state. To enable it, click on the corresponding microphone icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

My microphone does not work in the Clubhouse. How to fix microphone problem

After installing the app, some users may face the problem of the microphone not working. Before you sound the alarm, you need to make sure you have allowed the Clubhouse app to use your microphone . To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open " Settings " on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Find the section " Privacy ";
  • In this section, look for the Clubhouse app and make sure the app can use the microphone.

Check the Screen Time settings on your device :

  • Open the " Settings " of your device;
  • Find the " Screen Time " section ;
  • Go to " Restrictions on the content and confidentiality » (Content & Privacy Restrictions);
  • Select the Microphone section and allow the Clubhouse app to use it.
How to connect an external microphone

How to connect an external microphone

Check if the microphone is being used by running applications on your device in the background. To do this, close all applications (including Clubhouse) and restart your device. After loading the operating system, check if the microphone works in the Clubhouse app.

If the above steps did not help to enable the microphone in the Clubhouse app, try using other apps on your smartphone or tablet to test the microphone's functionality . You can use the built-in application on devices on the iOS operating system " Voice Notes » (Voice Memos), as well as social networks such as Facebook , Snapchat , and others.

If the microphone works in third-party applications installed on your smartphone or tablet, then, apparently, the problem is with the microphone of your device. You can contact the service center for specialized help, or use an external microphone.

How to connect an external microphone to the Clubhouse

Since at the moment Clubhouse works only on gadgets with the iOS operating system, you can connect external audio devices for this social network on iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets.

In almost all new iPhone mobile devices, only one connector is available - " Lightning ", directly to which you can connect any microphone only through a special adapter " Mini jack (3.5) - Lightning ".

But this is not enough to connect an external microphone. The fact is that if you connect an external audio device via the " Mini jack (3.5) - Lightning " connector , then only the device that records sound will work. At the same time, all received sounds that should be output from the device's speakers will be muted. To solve this problem, you will also need to get a Mini jack splitter, which allows you to separate the incoming and outgoing sounds from the device.

All owners of a special device " iRig2 " for Apple devices will not have to buy additional connectors " Mini jack " and a splitter for it. This is because this unit automatically separates the input and output audio.

In any case, if you have all the necessary adapters on hand, then you can connect an external microphone and any audio playback device to your gadget. At this point, a pop-up window will appear on the iPhone or iPad screen asking:

  • Switch to music mode? (Switch to Music Mode?).
If you just want to chat in the Clubhouse, then it is better to refuse this mode. To listen to music or other audio content, select " Yes, Music Mode ( Yes, the Music-Mode )».

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