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Rust is finally coming to PS4 and Xbox One - Everything about the release of the survival hit


Rust is finally coming to PS4 and Xbox One - Everything about the release of the survival hit

The Sturvival hit Rust finally has a release date for the console version and lists various editions that you can pre-order. The developers have also released a long gameplay trailer.

When is Rust coming to consoles? The release date of the console version is May 21, 2021. The fans don't have to wait long before they can go to the mysterious island.

There's also a new gameplay video that lets you see Rust's various features and console controls while a base is being raided. You can check out the gameplay on the PS4 in the following video:

For which consoles is Rust coming? Rust is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, the last generation of consoles.

Lucky PS5 and Xbox Series X / S owners will likely be able to play the game using the backward compatibility feature.

Will there be a beta? Yes, and it's already running. You will get access to it automatically if you pre-order the Rust Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition.

Will there be crossplay? According to the news site , there should be crossplay between Xbox One and PS4. However, this information is based on a leak.

Pre-order Rust for PS4 and Xbox One

If you're really excited about the game, you already have the option to pre-order it for PS4 and Xbox. You can do this on the official Rust website as well as in the respective online stores of the consoles. You can choose from the following editions:

Rust Standard Edition (€ 50) includes the base game and the pre-order bonus “Future Weapons and Tools Packs”.

Rust Day One Physical Edition (50 €) is identical in content to the Standard Edition, only it is physical.

Rust Deluxe Edition (60 €) gives you:

  • 3 days early access
  • a “welcome pack” worth € 10
  • the pre-order bonus "Future Weapons and Tools Packs"
  • Access to the closed beta
  • Access to the “staging branch” - this is a kind of test version of Rust with the latest updates
Rust Ultimate Edition (€ 80) receives all bonuses of the Deluxe Edition plus:

  • a larger version of the welcome pack
  • 1100 Rust coins worth € 10
  • an "Elite Combat" skin pack

Are you going to pre-order Rust for consoles? Or do you prefer to play the survival hit on your PC? Let us know in the comments.