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Elyon: Everything about the 6 classes of the new MMORPG


Elyon: Everything about the 6 classes of the new MMORPG

On October 20th the MMORPG Elyon will be released in our west. We introduce you to the playable classes and give you a rough estimate of how strong they are, based on the Korean version and first experiences in Headstart.

What classes are there in Elyon? The Korean MMORPG comes straight to us with all 6 classes. In Korea it started in 2020 without the Slayer, which was only added later. The Slayer is included with us.

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The 5 classes in the game are:

  • Warlord - A melee fighter and tank
  • Elementalist - A DPS with a focus on magic
  • Mystic - A magician who values ​​support and healing
  • Gunner - A damage dealer who attacks remotely
  • Assassin - A typical melee DPS class
  • Slayer - A melee fighter with a great sword

Each class can join either of the two factions and comes without a gender lock.

Overall, Elyon is reminiscent of a mixture of TERA and Black Desert .

In the following we will introduce you to the different classes based on information from Korea, show you gameplay and give you an assessment. We will adjust this assessment after the release if necessary.

Where does the information come from? We used various articles and YouTube videos as a guide for the assessment. Especially the video from YouTuber Kanon, who conducted an interview with a Korean Elyon PvPler, was very informative and influenced some points in this list:

Please keep in mind that this is the current status in Korea and not quite the version that we will get to release. However, we should approach this level “as best we can”.

Note : The article was originally published for the Elyon beta in May 2021. However, it was revised on October 20 to coincide with the release of the MMORPG.

The Slayer is strong at leveling and PvP

What can the slayer do? The Slayer uses a greatsword and is thus out for damage. He uses life as a resource for some of his abilities. In Korea, the Slayer is currently considered very strong.

How is he doing in PvE? Very good. With his great sword he slices his way through enemies and causes heavy damage. He has an ability that pulls all of the enemies in the area together. Above all, this makes leveling very easy.

However, the long animations make it seem a bit slow and slow, which can slow down the fun of the game.

If you want to be really strong, you often need the 4th version of the respective skill in order to fully develop in the endgame. In grinding he is just a bit behind the Elementalist and Mystic.

Why is he generally considered so strong? The Slayer not only cuts a fine figure when leveling and grinding, but also in PvP. Here he's right behind the warlord in terms of strength.

Warlords are one of the strongest classes

What can the warlord do? The warlord is a strong melee who comes along with a lot of defensive and other useful skills. That makes it interesting for PvE and PvP.

He uses a hammer and shield in combat and can hit hard as well as take a lot. His attacks appear massive and powerful in the previous videos. Only in the area of ​​mobility is the warlord somewhat more restricted than other classes.

How is he doing in PvE? The Warlord is still strong in PvE, but it lacks the mobility and damage that the Elementalist has. However, you will also have fun with this class in PvE.

Why is he generally considered so strong? A special feature of the class is a “hook”, an ability that attracts enemies. He has a special ability that always hits its target, even if the enemy is evasive or immune.

In addition, the Warlord basically has no weak point. His attack power is good, his defense is very strong, he has a solid crit chance and good attack speed. That is why he is currently considered an Op by many PvP fans in Korea.

At our state of the game, the warlord was particularly convincing on the defensive. He is considered strong, but not too exaggerated.

Elementalists are the heroes in PvE, but weaker in PvP

What can the elementalist do? Elementalists are masters of fire, ice and lightning and can use the elements to take down enemies. They use a staff as a weapon that can throw fireballs.

There is some kind of combo system that rewards you for using the elements correctly.

How is he doing in PvE? There the elementalist can really show off. Especially when grinding in the open world and in dungeons, the damage of the class is top.

In the video from Kanon it says that the elementalist should be the best class, especially in boss damage.

How strong is the elementalist overall? While they are one of the strongest classes in PvE, Elementalists fall a bit behind in PvP. Here they are often easy fodder for warlords and later also slayers.

Mystics are strong in PvE, but more midfield in PvP

What can the Mystic do? The Mystic is a magic class and uses a magic wand and a totem. With these, above all, he brings many useful skills and healing for the group. But the Mystic also has something to offer in terms of damage.

How is he doing in PvE? Like the Elementalist, Mystics are strong at grinding and damaging bosses in dungeons. However, they are more likely to use dots to damage enemies. They also have AoE effects in their luggage.

Especially when it comes to boss damage, the Mystic should play in the top league.

Although the Mystic has many healing abilities, it does not have to take on a classic healer role. Every class has forms of healing in their luggage, so that damage can be played primarily in dungeons.

How strong is the Mystic overall? In PvE and in PvP arenas, the Mystic can convince overall. However, the class in open world PvP and realm battles tends to decline. But if you want to go to the arenas above all, you can have a lot of fun with the Mystic.

Is the Gunner the weakest class?

What can the gunner do? The Gunner is a ranged combat class that primarily focuses on damage. To do this, she uses a rifle as a weapon. With certain skills he also uses pistols and a grenade launcher.

The class can convince with fast or powerful attacks and high damage. However, it lacks a little defensive and attack speed.

How is he doing in PvE? The Gunner is a lot of fun in the open world. The range eliminates a lot of enemies before they even reach you, and there is also a strong CC. With evasive roles you create distance between yourself and the enemy again.

The video from YouTuber Kanon also states that the Gunner is the only class that has great difficulties with a level 50 solo dungeon that everyone else can manage without any problems, simply because the mobs put too much pressure on it in close combat.

How strong is the Gunner overall? The Gunner has two main problems:

For one thing, his DPS is not that strong overall, which makes him a bit weaker in PvE
On the other hand, you rarely need a greater range, at least in arena PvP and also in dungeons.

The assassin used to be really strong

What can the assassin do? The Assassin is a melee DPS class that fights with two daggers. He can use invisibility to disappear and reappear elsewhere. In addition, the class has many dashes and a teleport behind the enemies.

Assassins above all have a high attack speed, but can withstand very little if they get into the focus of the enemy.

How is he doing in PvE? In open world PvE, the Assassin is said to be the weakest class. This is mainly due to the fact that it only hits a few enemies at the same time and that it can withstand less than the other classes.

In the case of bosses, the assassin can convince with the damage, but is behind some other classes.

Overall, how strong is the assassin? In Arena PvP, the Assassin is in the midfield. That was different.

The Assassin is said to have been one of the stronger classes overall in Season 1, but it has now been significantly weakened.

Elyon celebrates its release on October 20th as a new Free2Play MMORPG on Steam. So anyone can try the game without investing any money.

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