Is Elyon Pay2Win? We looked at the new MMORPG

 Elyon started headstart on October 17th and celebrates its official release on October 20th. The MMORPG from Korea is mainly praised for the combat system and character development. There is criticism especially for Pay2Win. But is it really like that? We took a closer look at the shop.

What's in the Elyon shop? The Korean version of Elyon is known as Pay2Win. But the developers promised some adjustments for the West . The amount we provide may vary.

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You can find the following content in it:

  • Outfits
  • Special accessories such as wings, glasses or headbands
  • Various mounts and pets
  • Expansions for inventory slots, character slots and bank
  • A scroll that gives you XP back when you die (a maximum of 5% XP is lost)
  • Two buffs that run for 30 days each and are somewhat reminiscent of ESO +
  • Luminus boxes that give you faster access to attributes

It is noticeable that there are some items in the shop that make life in the game easier for you. Especially the Luminus boxes and the buffs bring bonuses that reduce the general grind in Elyon and could therefore be seen as Pay2Win by some players.

Buffs for comfort and faster progress

What kind of buffs are these? The first buff is called Star's Blessing and costs 1,500 rubies - the equivalent of 17 USD. For this you will receive the following bonuses for 30 days:

  • 10% more experience points when killing monsters
  • 10% increased drop rate
  • 3 additional points when regenerating working points
  • 16 Inventarplätze
  • 14 Bankplätze
  • Auto Charge at Luminus Energie
  • 15 Laurel Wreath Pieces per day - they activate a buff for additional items that lasts 30 minutes and can also be earned in-game
This buff has clear advantages, but is comparable to ESO + and premium buffs that other Free2Play games offer.

The second buff is called Wilter's Brush and costs 1,100 rubies - the equivalent of 12 USD. You can use this to change the appearance of your characters as often as you want for 30 days. Quasi a permanent voucher for the hairdresser.

In addition to this buff, you can buy access to the bank or access to a dealer for 750 rubies (8.50 USD) each. They can then be conjured up for 30 days, wherever you are.

These 4 buffs only last 30 days each. If you want to have it permanently, you have to spend the equivalent of 36 USD per month.

Are the Luminus boxes Pay2Win?

What exactly is Luminus? Luminus is a system through which you can get additional attributes. Luminus is available in strengths T1 to T5, although upgrading is difficult. You always need 3 Luminus of the same level to upgrade them:

  • 3 Luminus at level 1 can be combined to form level 2
  • 3 Luminus of level 2 then to level 3 and so on
  • However, such a combination can also fail. Then you only get one Luminus of the same level, even though you have used 3 of them
Luminus via in-game currency is expensive and no matter how much in-game currency you have, you only get 3 level 1 Luminus per day. In addition, there are a few achievements that reward you with Luminus with fixed attributes, but which you are sometimes not even interested in.

You have a total of 11 different Luminus slots, only one of which can be selected at a time.

What does the shop offer? In the shop you get Luminus level 1 for the equivalent of 5 euros. So if you want, you can theoretically get a Luminus of your choice to the highest level 5 right at the start with enough money. This removes the entire grind for this stat.

An offensive Luminus at level 5 brings bonuses such as 10% increased magic power, 10% reduced cooldowns or 25 additional attribute points.

For 400 rubies (4 USD) you can also buy a Luminus Converter, with which you can change the attributes of your Luminus to suit your needs.

Are there any items that help upgrade equipment? Both Luminus and equipment upgrading can fail. Unlike in Black Desert, for example, there are no items in the shop that guarantee you an upgrade or increase the chance of it.

Lots of cosmetics for fair prices

What is the rest of the cash shop like? The rest of the shop consists of general extensions and various cosmetic content. We look at the prices for you:

  • 8 additional inventory spaces cost 9 USD
  • 7 additional bank slots also cost  9 USD
  • An additional character slot costs 6 USD
  • An additional Luminus seat costs 2 USD
  • Pets from the shop cost 5 USD
  • The 8 different outfits cost 18 USD each
  • The accessories, emojis and stickers cost between 50 cents and 3 USD. There are almost 100 different items available to you here
  • The mounts and gliders cost 10 USD each. There are 18 different skins here
We have collected a small selection of outfits and mounts for you in this gallery:

outfits and mounts

outfits and mounts

outfits and mounts

outfits and mounts

What do you think of the Elyon shop? Do you see Pay2Win in the content or can you live with the fact that you simply have to grind more without spending any money? Please write it in the comments.

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